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Bengaluru this week

February 12th 2015


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Before we get into our stories, here is a short summary of what happened in the city:

  • 25 slums in Bengaluru will get water at Rs 5 for 25 litres, as BBMP teams up with USAID and Water Health India as summer approaches.
  • Aero India 2015 to be held at Yelahanka Airforce Station, between February 18th and 22nd.  Bengaluru Urban and Rural District Commissioners have warned of strict action if trash is thrown indiscriminately in Yelahanka, in the backdrop of the aero show.
  • Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority Bill-2014, that helps remove encroachment of lakes across the state, passed by the State government.
  • BBMP has called a tender for 16 sweeping machines. Ahmedabad is the other city that has mechanised sweepers in India.
  • Bengaluru has been chosen for 100 Resilient Cities project, by US-based Rockefeller Foundation.
  • Nayandahalli flyover that was in construction for the past five years, will be open to public this week.
  • It’s going to be traditional taxi operators vs. aggregators in Bengaluru. Traditional operators have asked the Transport Department to increase the base price for hired cabs.

This week’s highlight: Say it with flowers

A vendor sorting jasmine flowers at a flower stall in KR Market. Pic: Varsha Parashivamurthy

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of you may be thinking gifting flowers. But have you wondered where Bengaluru gets it flowers from? Take a step into Krishna Rajendra Market, where farmers and wholesalers trade blooms.

Read: Get a glimpse into Huvina Mandi.

Living in the city

Real estate prices are on the rise near Whitefield. However, the unauthorised burning of plastic waste in the Whitefield area has affected villagers and gated community residents alike. Read: You can buy a villa for 3 crores in Whitefield suburbs, but not clean air!

When it pours in Malleswaram, Koramangala is bone-dry. Whitefield and Jayanagar record minimum temperatures at different times of the morning. Read: Citizen Weather Network documents Bengaluru’s microclimate.

City governance

While the State Government’s new mobile governance project, Karnataka Mobile One allows people pay bills, make complaints and even search for doctors, it has not met people’s expectations. Read: Government app caters only to Bengaluru.

On the occasion of its 61st Bus Day, BMTC introduced additional Chakra services to improve connectivity in Yelahanka. It also teamed up with Durga India, an NGO, to pilot test alarms on five BMTC buses. This will help those in need alert other passengers and the driver in case of harassment. Read: Buses to get safer with the Durga alarm.

BESCOM had submitted a proposal to hike tariff by 80 paise per unit across all categories. B.PAC and AAP objected to the proposed hike at the KERC Public Hearing on February 6th.

Neralu Urban Tree Festival

An art installation in progress at Neralu. Pic: Team Neralu

The grand finale of Neralu will see several art and cultural performances at Bal Bhavan on February 14th. Do participate in the Hug-A-Tree campaign on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

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Citizen journalists

They always say the bus will reach soon, but Vaidya is yet to see the particular bus he wants to catch. Read: The mythical BMTC bus that never reaches platform no: 29.

A real life experience of connecting LPG connection and bank account to Aadhaar card. The writer asks the Modi government what they can do about it. Read: The reality of the Aadhaar and LPD subsidy scheme.

Awase Khirni Syed, a GIS expert, points out that using the existing infrastructure in Whitefield can go a long way in easing the traffic situation. Read: Seven stations that can be improved to ease traffic.


The elusive Indian public toilet… It is like the Indian rope trick, people have heard about it, but no one has seen it! So what can a woman do, when she’s just got to go?

Here’s a story about a black and white cat full of attitude, Pussa. A must read for animal lovers, and for those who wonder what life in Bengaluru in the 60s was like. Read: Her Highness and her adorable follies.

Nature feature

 A cluster of Harvestmen. Pic: Deepa Mohan

What comes to mind when you hear the word Harvestmen? Farmers? You couldn’t be more mistaken. Meet Daddy long-legs in our newest post on Nature Feature.

Events this weekend

  • Attend a book discussion on The Copper Sky with author Abhijit Gupta at Bangalore International Centre on February 13th.
  • Neralu, Bengaluru’s Urban Tree Festival continues this weekend at Cubbon Park and Ashwath Katte. Take a stroll on the tree walks, listen to mesmerising talks and watch a melange of cultural activities on February 14th.
  • Country Club is organising Single, but not Alone, a workshop on love and relationships on February 14th.
  • Ranga Shankara is hosting Little Cloud Storytelling Time, a fun evening of storytelling in English and Kannada, for kids between four and six years on February 14th and 15th.
  • Watch Tristesse Club, a French comedy about two brother who meet a sister that they are not aware of at Alliance Francaise on February 16th as part of My French Film Festival.
  • Sign up for Go!Make a difference, a 300 km cycling trip from Bengaluru to Gudalur, to raise funds to support adivasis’ right to livelihoods on February 19th to 21st.
  • Get to The Platform on February 21st and 22nd, a plethora of art forms including art exhibitions, workshops, contests, music performances and more.




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