Children to imagine Bengaluru via art at the #BekuBedaSanthe

A civic festival in Bengaluru

A caricature by Paul Fernandes.

The #SteelFlyoverBeda movement inspired citizens to come together and exercise their right to actively participate in governance.  #BekuBedaSanthe is being organized on Oct 15th 2017 by a large number of organizations, civic and social as a mark of one year anniversary.

#BekuBedaSanthe  will serve as a platform for citizens across Bengaluru to express what they want for their area and city (ಬೇಕು) and what they do not want for their area and city (ಬೇಡ.) The Santhe is unique due to the broad and diverse set of  RWAs, NGOs, slum rights groups, unorganized sector representatives, civic groups, think tanks  and many others  joining hands.

Tara Krishnaswamy, CfB said “Who is the city optimal for? Not for working women. Not for senior citizen. Not for construction labourer. Not for children.  This is why all of us need to come and demand what we beku and what we beda at the santhe. Not just us, but the little residents of Bengaluru have an equal claim too, to dream up a beautiful, child friendly, safe and fun city”

Lalitha Mohan of CiFOS said “ Kids and teenagers are an integral part of our society and no city planning will be complete without hearing their demands and ideas. History has proven that children have the creativity and the open mindedness to see a solution usually invisible to the conditioned adult minds. It is for this reason, we would like to invite children to the #BekuBedaSanthe and hear them out “

Deepthi Shekar, volunteer and arts and dramatics teacher said: “We have lined up an array of exciting events in partnership with Jwalamukhi – a non profit organization working towards building social leadership qualities in children.  Making a mascot of the common citizen of Bengaluru, building livable Bengaluru with recycled materials, drawing a dream Bengaluru,   voicing their demands for city on stage and inspiring others to vote for their demands”

Bakula Nayak, illustrator, coordinating the event, said , “We are very excited to welcome children into beku beda santhe – we appeal to parents to bring children to Freedom Park and make it a  family event”

Srinivas Alavilli, CfB said: “Apathy and cynicism of adults is one of the big reasons for lack of accountability in our system.  Let the children be exposed to governance – they too have a great stake in our city. We hope the santhe will give them a happy platform to express themselves creatively. ”

We are pleased to announce Shri HS Doreswamy, Justice Santosh Hegde, Prakash Belawadi, P Lakshapati  (APSA), MD Pallavi, Rekha Chari, Lingaraj Urs, DS Rajsekhar, Chitra Venkatesh,  Paul Fernandes, CfB, CAF, CIVIC, Association of Promoting Social Action (APSA), Bengaluru Apartments Federation, Malleshwaram Swabhimana, Langford Civic Action Group,  Shanti Nagar RWA, Federation of Apartment Associations of Bengaluru FAAB, ActiveResident Welfare Associations (ARWA), CiFOS, Volunteer for Cause (VFC), I Change Indira Nagar,  and many many others will be joining the citizens of Bengaluru in this unique event”

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