This guide will help you make wise decisions on lakhs/crores of rupees

This book answers hundreds of questions in educative language to help buyers, sellers, and investors in residential properties in Bengaluru. Land, plots, apartments, layout and villas in ‘gated’ communities are all covered. There are checklists, Q&A sections, and more.

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ISBN: 9788192566924

An excellent guide to property matters in Bengaluru, any one intending to purchase or sell an immovable property must read this before venturing to do so. It has details not only about the relevant rules and procedures but about the precautions one should take in property transactions. Citizen Matters must be complimented for bringing out this extremely useful publication.

Dr. A. Ravindra
Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka Chairman, Center for Sustainable Development

Buying, Investing & Renting Property in Bengaluru

  • Understanding The Fundamentals

  • Properties in Communities

  • Buying and Geography

  • Legal-Illegal and Deviations

  • All About Registration

  • Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Eye on The Money

  • Other Aspects

  • All About Renting

  • Add-Ons


Sriram Vittalamurthy
Vaishnavi Vittal
Moumita Bhattacharya
Josephine Joseph
Arathi Manay Yajaman
Geeta Sajjanshetty
Rama Murthy P

Citizen Matters staff team
Subramaniam Vincent
Shree D. N.
Ganga Madappa
Nikita Malusare

Sridhar Comaravalli provided the illustrations.

Honorary adviser and legal review
Vatsala Dhananjay,


Dr. Rajvir P. Sharma, IPS.,
Additional Director General of Police, Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force, Bangalore.

Bangalore is growing at an unprecedented pace consequently a complex relationship between buyer and seller is emerging. The scientific growth has to be associated with transparency but same is being found wanting. The information of relevant provisions of statute rules and regulations is definitely going to make the relationship much simpler.

This effort by Citizen Matters to bring out a compendium is a very welcome step and will enable the exercise of such transactions a happy event rather than a fretful journey in the realm of litigation.

Brijesh Kumar, IFS
Chief Conservator of Forests Forest, Lakes and Horticulture Wings, BBMP

Home has been one of the primary needs of humans. Real estate has become an attractive investment option too. With the prevailing trajectory of urbanisation, urban real estate will continue to remain attractive and remunerative.

Our laws on the subject are sadly complex and often unintuitive. Complex issues on the subject have been presented in an easily understandable way in this book. It should serve as a primer, especially for the uninitiated.

Bangalore has been one of the fastest growing metropolises in the country. A number of expatriates as well as people from the other states are increasingly making this city as their new home. I am sure this book shall also help them to take an informed decision on buying property.

Laila T. Ollapally
Senior Lawyer, Bengaluru

Purchasing a home in Bangalore can be a minefield of legal and regulatory issues. Most first-time investors have little idea of all its complexities. Citizens Matters has done a great job in addressing all these concerns in this informative guidebook. I congratulate them on a very fine effort.

Santosh Bhurani
Member Bangalore Realtors Association of India, member Confederation of Real Estate Associates (India), and head, Bhurani Real Estate

I am glad to welcome such an informative and supportive guide book in the real estate field for Bangaloreans. While buying property, this book helps with tips, ‘dos and don’ts’ and precautions. It has the A-Z of property buying compiled by professionals in educative language. It also helps real estate professionals like me.

Buying, Investing & Renting Property in Bengaluru

Understanding The Fundamentals

  • Land types in Bengaluru
    • Which plan-sanctioning authority does the property fall under?
    • Which zone does the property fall under?
    • What is a Revenue Site?
    • Conversion of land
    • What is a Gramathana property?
  • Documents to check while buying property
    • Which are the documents to check before a property transaction?
    • General list of documents for all properties
    • Documents for scrutiny for apartments
    • Documents for scrutiny for properties with an agricultural past
    • Documents for scrutiny for BDA sites

Properties in Communities

  • Layouts, ‘gated’ communities, apartments and townships
  • A checklist to help with green property purchasing
  • Fire safety norms for high-rise apartments

Buying and Geography

  • Bengaluru’s property geography
  • What to know before buying flats in high-rise apartments around airports in Bengaluru

Legal-Illegal and Deviations

  • Bengaluru’s great law for deviations: ‘Akrama Sakrama’

All About Registration

  • Documents needed for registering a property
  • How much do I pay to register a property?

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Common mistakes in property deals
  • Precautions to be taken while buying an under-construction apartment

Eye on The Money

  • Assignment by agreement holders
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Taxes: VAT and ST for buying property
  • Property taxes, betterment charges and more
  • Bank loans for buying property

Other Aspects

  • ABC of gift deeds
  • How to apply for a BDA flat
  • A brief note about land mafia

All About Renting

  • Renting property in Bengaluru


  • Water and buying property in Bengaluru
  • Waste management and your property purchase
  • Electricity supply for Bengaluru – BESCOM
  • How to obtain a Khata for apartments
  • Web access to Bengaluru’s master plan
  • BDA jurisdiction and BBMP limits (MAP)
  • BMRDA jurisdiction (MAP)


Sriram Vittalamurthy (Understanding the Fundamentals, Properties in Communities)
Sriram Vittalamurthy is an independent journalist and photographer. He specialises in investigative reporting projects. He has authored several major stories for Citizen Matters.

Vaishnavi Vittal (Properties in Communities and appendices)
Vaishnavi Vittal is a Bangalore-based journalist. She was formerly staff journalist at Citizen Matters. She is the winner of the Laadli Media award in 2012.

Moumita Bhattacharya (All about Registration and Eye on the Money)
Moumita Bhattacharya is an information developer and editor with an MNC. She speaks out against corruption and social injustice and helps citizens.

Josephine Joseph (Buying and Geography, Renting)
Josephine Joseph is a public affairs researcher and writes for Citizen Matters. She has been working on urban governance and civic and environment issues in the city.

Arathi Manay Yajaman
(Khata guide for apartments) Arathi Manay Yajaman is citizen extraordinaire, and she is associated with the Puttenahalli Lake Improvement Trust.

Geeta Sajjanshetty (Gift deeds)
Geeta Sajjanshetty is a city-based lawyer.

Rama Murthy P (Under-construction apartment experience)
Rama Murthy P is an engineering and design professional.

Citizen Matters staff team

Shree D. N. (Associate Editor), Ganga Madappa (Staff Reporter and Community Manager), and Nikita Malusare (Staff Reporter) contributed to the book chapters and research.

Subramaniam Vincent
Subramaniam Vincent is the architect of this guidebook. He is the co-founder and editor of the Citizen Matters and India Together e-newsmagazines. He believes that an original purpose of journalism is to provide information to citizens so that they may be free and self-governing.

Sridhar Comaravalli provided the illustrations.

Honorary adviser and legal review
Vatsala Dhananjay,

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