BPAC to rate Bangalore MP candidates

On March 24th, Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) shared information on the performance of sitting MPs at a press conference. As Kiran Shaw said, the idea was to highlight the issues and factors that citizens should keep in mind while exercising their franchise. This includes understanding the performance of MPs representing Bangalore City and voter perceptions.

BPAC also shared Citizen Matters’ research and report on MPLAD expenditure and parliament record of the Bangalore MPs. Meera K, co-founder, Citizen Matters presented the data.

Harish Narsappa of Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) shared the findings relating to the performance of sitting MPs; MPLADs fund utilisation and survey results of ‘Daksh –ADR voter priorities and perception of MPs performance’. BPAC and Daksh had joined hands to do an in-depth survey for Bangalore City,

Excerpts from press release

B.PAC plans to share a comprehensive score cards of candidates being fielded by Aam Aadmi Party, Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) in the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections. The score cards of candidates being fielded by these parties will measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) including public perception of reliability and trustworthiness, track record of public service, ability to drive change, key issues candidates will raise in Parliament and a vision for development. In addition, the score cards will give weightage to citizens’ rating to the performance of candidates at B.PAC’s ‘Candidates Meet the Citizens’ event. These score cards aim to be a transparent and balanced evaluation of candidates that can assist voter choice.

“B.PAC aims to empower voters to make an informed choice in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections through an endorsement process that provides a balanced scorecard. B.PAC has partnered with Daksh-ADR to conduct a survey on voter priorities and their perceptions of MPs’ performance based on 1000 randomized respondents (average) in each of Bangalore’s three parliamentary constituencies. Furthermore, B.PAC has partnered with Citizen Matters to assess the utilization of MPLAD funds in the three parliamentary constituencies. Additionally, information from the Parliamentary Research Service has also been incorporated on the performance of MPs in terms of attendance, questions asked, debates participated and Private Members bills presented” said Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, President at Bangalore Political Action Committee.

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