B.PAC releases MLA fund utilisation report for Bengaluru


Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) recently released the fund utilisation report of MLAs under their Local Area Development Scheme (2013-14 to 2016–17) through a web page. B.PAC undertook this study focusing on the 27 Assembly constituencies in Bengaluru Urban to observe the pattern of spending on activities.

The data was collated for the MLA’s across 27 constituencies in Bengaluru Urban for the fiscal years 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 from Govt sources. The activities undertaken by the MLA’s under local area development scheme were classified as per KLLAD guidelines issued by Government. The activitywise spending across all the constituencies has been reported and the percentage of utilization of funds was calculated for MLA in each constituency.

What is MLA LAD fund?

  • Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development is a scheme that enables each MLA to undertake developmental works in his/her constituency through the allocated funds of Rs. 2 crore per year.
  • During the last five years, an amount of Rs.3000 crore was allocated to Karnataka Legislators Local Area Development Scheme and an amount of Rs.2096 crore was spent. A total of Rs. 86,158 works were completed, further Rs.600 crore has been earmarked for legislators’ Local Area Development Programme for the purpose during the current year. (source: Karnataka State Budget speech)

Following are the Highlights:

  • Bengaluru city MLA’s Cumulative spends across 27 AC of Bengaluru city (2013-2017) is as below
  • Please visit https://politics.bpac.in/mla-lad/  website to know individual MLA’s LAD fund utilization details

[su_document url=”https://images-citizenmatters.sgp1.digitaloceanspaces.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2018/03/29165159/MLA-LAD-Summary-presentation.pdf” height=”1200″]

B.PAC MLA LAD fund utilisation study was undertaken through our initiative to engage with city’s elected representatives. We have met the MLA’s personally and shared the findings of the study and they are appreciative of this work,” said Ananda Gundu Rao, Member, B.PAC.

Ms. Revathy Ashok, Managing Trustee and CEO, B.PAC said: “B.PAC has written to Hon’ble Minister for Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics to reactivate the website (http://kllads.kar.nic.in/) with real time data on Karnataka Legislators Local Area Development Scheme (KLLADS) Works for all 224 AC of Karnataka which has a potential to boost to people’s participation in governance and also enable legislators to show-case their work and contribution for the development of their constituencies.

About B.PAC:

Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) is a non-partisan citizen’s group working with an aim to improve and enhance the quality of life of Bengaluru citizens. B.PAC’s focus for the purpose, as per its Charter and Agenda, are good governance practices, integrity and transparency in all arms of the government, improving quality of infrastructure and the creation of a safer city where the rule of law is ensured for all citizens.

Note: This press note has been shared by Sharath S. of BPAC, and published here with minimal edits, under the section meant for nonprofit public interest messages.

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