Whitefield’s lakes are a haven for bird watchers

To most people, Whitefield is synonymous with ITPL, the Sai Baba Ashram, luxurious villas and of course traffic jams. But there’s another positive aspect of Whitefield which is the number of lakes in the area.

These are some of the lakes which are located to the east/north-east of Marathahalli Bridge and west/south-west of Hope Farm. 

  • Munnekolala and Chinnapanahalli lakes inside AECS Layout

  • Hoodi lake behind Zuri (no direct access to the lake)

  • Seetharampalya lake near Graphite signal

  • Sheelvantharakere Lake behind Palm Meadows
  • Nallurahalli lake on the Nallurahalli-Borewell road

  • Thubarahalli lake, opposite Mainland China (no direct access to the lake)

  • Kundalahalli lake behind Kalyani Platina

Most of these lakes are in great shape, thanks to the efforts of key stakeholders who have helped in rejuvenating them.

These lakes not only raise the water table in the surrounding area, but also are home to number of bird species. Though not all the birds are resident birds, many migrate here for the season. 

A flock of Northern Shovelers, spotted at Hoodi lake on January 23rd 2016. Pic: Sriram SN

Over the past two years, over 50 species of birds have been spotten at these lakes.

Ashy and Plain Prinia Indian Treepie
Ashy Wood Swallow Kingfisher – White Breasted and Lesser Pied 
Asian Koel Kite – Black and Brahminy `
Black Crowned Night Heron Lapwing – Red Wattled 
Blyths Reed Warbler Little Grebe
Bronze Winged Jacana  Mynah – Common and Jungle
Bulbul – Red Vented, Red Whiskered Northern Shoveler
Bushlark Oriental White Ibis
Cinereous Tit Pelican – Spot Billed 
Common Coot Pied Buschat
Copper Smith Barbet Purple Moorhen / Swamphen
Cormorant – Little and Greater  Purple Rumped Sunbird
Darter Bird Red Rumped Swallow 
Drongo Rose Ringed Parakeet
Duck – Spot Billed  Scaly Breasted Munia
Egret – Cattle, Little and Greater Egret  Shikra
Greater Coucal Spotted Dove
Green Bee Eater Starling – Rosy, Chestnut Tailed, Brahminy 
Grey Francolin Stork – Painted Stork 
Heron – Grey and Purple  Wagtail – Lesser Pied, Large Pied 
Indian Golden Oriole White Breasted Waterhen 
Indian Pond Heron White Cheeked Barbet
Indian Robin White Throated Bulbul

A Spot Billed Pelican at Munnekolala lake, sighted on February 3rd 2016. Pic: Sriram SN

Purple Heron at Sheelavanthakare lake, spotted on January 31st 2016. Pic: Sriram SN

The next time, you visit these lakes, do look out for these birds. The best time to sight them would be in the mornings. While you may not spot all of them at one go, you may just be lucky enough to spot a rare visitor.

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