Beyond Carlton launches India’s first fire safety community

As part of its persistent efforts to increase awareness around fire safety, Beyond Carlton has just launched its new refreshed website

Apart from containing information on what Beyond Carlton means, it is also about what more, each of us as citizens can and will do. Fire safety, is not just the passion of the team at Beyond Carlton, but of thousands of people across India. This website looks to bring this community together and make it stronger. It will act as a forum for people to share news, share stories of change, start petitions and gather support, and enjoy a vibrant interaction space, as well as blog.

If you know of a survivor of a fire, or an individual or group of people who have prevented a fire, or any other news around fire safety, then this community is the place to be.

Uday Vijayan, President & Managing Trustee, Beyond Carlton says, “On one level, we believe the website should aggregate our story, our latest efforts, our hopes and aspirations. At another level, it should be the single point where people who work with us, and also those who want to work with us, can get more information and join us. In a way, it’s a great platform to talk, listen and share. As we embark on taking the Beyond Carlton movement beyond the shores of Karnataka to the rest of the country, we hope to have the website centric to this effort.”

About Beyond Carlton

Beyond Carlton’s primary objectives are to create a safer environment by addressing issues around fire safety, including policy and legislative changes, as well as to ensure accountability in the Carlton Towers fire tragedy. Family members of those who passed away and injured in the fire are the founding members of the Trust. The Trust has already started participating in internal corporate workshops on fire safety and is working with industry bodies to address issues around fire safety.

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Uday Vijayan is the Founder & Managing Trustee of Beyond Carlton (, a people’s initiative on fire safety