Bengaluru’s Annual 220 Fundraiser this Saturday: Time to recycle, reduce, reuse, renew, rethink!

Second to None (220) Event

After a long hiatus, Second to None (220) brings their flagship event – a second-hand santhe or open flea market to help us reuse and conserve material which we might be throwing away without giving a thought. Second to None is a community for used,  recycled and upcycled goods. In collaboration with Citizen Matters, this event is designed to be Annual 220 Fundraiser and will be held this Saturday 27th July at Rangoli Art Centre, Metro station, MG Road.

You can expect upcycled and recycled home decor, bags, accessories, small utilitarian products from upcycled wood, textiles, and a collection of well preserved pre-loved items at this flea market. Workshops and sessions on how to create with discarded waste materials will be conducted through out the day.

Our pre-loved items Donation Drive gives you a chance to donate clock that you don’t care for, or books that the kids have grown out of and other things like CDs, electronics in working condition, home decor items, toys, new clothes etc.

The proceeds will go to support — How to make Bengaluru Water Secure! A special series on how Bengaluru can stop hurtling towards Day Zero, by Citizen Matters.


Who is organizing the Annual 220 Fundraiser?

Second to None

A community whose goal is to provide a space for people in the city to come, buy and sell used goods as one way of practicing recycling and reuse. Instead of throwing things away that have a shelf life, we can give away or resell.  Second to None focus has been to encourage reuse and recycling through various means, apart from sale of used products, they bring in experts in the areas of waste management and similar clean and green living concepts to reach a wider audience in the hope of promoting such practices among Bengalureans. The group was founded by Anu Gummaraju, Shilpa Kamath and Reena Chengappa.

Citizen Matters

The award-winning digital civic media platform brings you in-depth coverage of urban issues – with insightful reporting, ideas and solutions. Complementing this with open access to data (through Open City data platform)  and citizen engagement, we have been empowering citizens to work towards better cities for over a decade now. This work is supported by Oorvani Foundation using reader funding, HNI donations, and grants from foundations and corporates.

What is The Annual 220 Fundraiser all about?

The fundraiser is an open flea market where citizens, organisations, groups, and experts on waste management come together to showcase various ways of reusing and recycling waste. It is a space to create awareness about Bengaluru managing its waste responsibly and  making the city water secure.

File pic: Second to None flea markets
File pic: Second to None flea markets

When and where is the Annual 220 Fundraiser being held?

The fundraiser is being held on the 27th July 2019 from 10 AM to 6 PM at Nagarapete, Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore. Link to map here.

Are there any fees to participate?

No, the event is free and open to all.

This is fantastic! How can I contribute?

You can contribute by making a donations! To donate used goods, fill this form by 10pm on 25th July.
Items accepted: Books, CDs, electronics in working condition, home decor items, toys, new clothes etc.

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