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Happy Independence Day, in advance!

This Independence Day, we have a new project by the people, for the people, of the people! Here you can do your bit by contributing to a better neighbourhood. Is the footpath in your area broken? Do you have garbage blackspots in your area? Is there uncleared construction rubble in the area? Map it all, and help BBMP clear it: Help Bengaluru map its bad spots

This week’s highlight

Bengaluru needs a flood map

People fishing in a storm water drain near HSR Layout, that got a lot of fish from Madivala lake. Pic: Kate Clark

With flooding during recent rains, the debate on storm water drains and encroachment kicked off. What will help buyers of new properties? Read: Bengaluru needs flood zone maps

What if you are sold a property that’s illegal? This proposed law could prevent such transactions. Check the new draft sale deed and submit your suggestions before August 17, 2016. Here are the key-features of the rule.

Mobility in the city

With expectations running high on BMRCL’s Metro line on busy Outer Ring Road, will the project be materialised? If yes, what’s the status of the proposal? Here is a report on the proposed Metro on ORR.

A committee on Bengaluru traffic recently came up with a set of suggestions to improve traffic in Bengaluru. Which committee was it? What were the suggestions? Read: Nope, this traffic sub-committee is not part of that vision group!

A hilarious take on footpaths, where Suchitra sees awesome footpaths in New York city and decides it could be done in Bengaluru. Read: Pavement Perorations – Part 4: A moment of epiphany!

Business and Bengaluru

NGOs help farmers connect with consumers – supplying fresh, chemical-free vegetables and other produce to Bengaluru residents. Read: News start-ups help farmers supply organic produce to Bengalureans.

Do cab companies care to inform drivers about their pricing model? Apparently it’s all about making hay while the sun shines. Here is a first person account of Uber through the eyes of an occasional visitor.

Catering contract staff of railways sell water bottle for twice the original price. Read: Cheating by catering staff on Southern Railways.

Aadhaar authentication

Private companies are increasingly using Aadhaar data. Is the privacy and security of personal data really at risk? Second story in the two-part series on why experts are worried about Aadhaar-based authentication?

Doing it yourself

If they don’t fix it, fix it yourself. Whitefield Rising has organised over hundred ‘spotfixes’, the Ugly Indian way. Read: Residents take charge of their own streets the Ugly Indian style.

Here’s the final rules on Ward Committees – the self-rule committees for each ward. Read: Final Ward Committee Rules.

Our intern, Kate Clark, writes about the lessons Bengaluru’s garbage scene has taught her: Bengaluru, a lesson in garbology

Art, public spaces and more

Controversy over Venkatappa Art Gallery adoption slowly fades away, and artists are hoping to help the government in making the gallery a vibrant space. Read: Venkatappa Art Gallery to see good days

Time to head to Lalbagh to witness the Independence Day flower show. See the flowery Parliament house, and more. Here is a photo feature of the flower show

Have you ever keenly observed the insects around you? The robber fly, Spider Guitar, Hoverfly. If not, take a look at this beautiful photo feature on the insects that commonly found around. Six footers who are still tiny.

News highlights

  • The BBMP will put GIS-based property identification (PID) details in the public domain on August 15, 2016. Information related to 16.09 lakh properties of the corporation will be open for public scrutiny.
  • Demolition of buildings constructed over encroached storm water drains in Bengaluru is going on in full swing. Over 110 buildings are partially or completely demolished in last one week, according to BBMP officials.
  • An encroachment survey by the Bengaluru Urban district administration has estimated the encroachments to be seven times higher than the BBMP estimate. The survey which began in 2011, has estimated the 14,000 instances of encroachment of storm water drains.
  • The State government has booked cases against 20 officials from BDA and BBMP who allowed encroachments in the city. The report to take action against these officials was prepared by Urban Development Department Additional Chief Secretary Mahendra Jain.
  • There will be an ‘Emergency Response Team,’ an exclusive agency for road repairs in Bengaluru. The team will restore the roads dug up by the BWSSB and BMRC, according to a newsreport.
  • Only 344 of the city’s high-rise buildings including residential apartments have occupancy certificate and are fit to be occupied, according to municipal corporation.

Take a look at some upcoming events in the city here.

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