Bengaluru’s top architects open their studios to the public

River Hope presents ‘Open Day by Bangalore Architects’ on the 10th and 11th of December 2016, an event that will for the first time, allow the general public to visit the city’s architect studios and learn about their work.

Set up by Bangalore based architects Krupa Rajangam and Aparna Shastri in 2013, River Hope is an informal network that conducts an annual event to promote awareness of architecture and built cultural heritage. It has organized three events so far: their first event in 2013 was a heritage walk in Whitefield, in 2014 they conducted design walks and in 2015 presented an architectural showcase of sketches and models by Bangalore-based architects at InFORM Gallery.

Open Day is held in aid of the Indian Cancer Society and is open to all. The event has a dual focus: to help raise funds for Karunashraya Cancer Hospice and its parent body, the Indian Cancer Society and to raise awareness of architecture practice for students of the profession and the public.

This year’s event will be held at various times over the course of the weekend of the 10th and 11th December – Andagere Architects, Collage Architecture Studio, Mistry Architects, Play Architecture, Pragrup and Studio 4A will be open on Saturday 10 December, and Collage Architecture Studio, Mistry Architects and Manasaram Architects on Sunday 11 December.

Visitors will have a chance to interact with architects, gain insights into how they work, understand what motivates them and what goes into creating meaningful spaces. Studios on view include those with diverse practices, like the all India renowned Mistry Architects, and younger firms like Collage Architecture Studio. It also presents an opportunity to get to know firms with specific interests and philosophies like Manasaram Architects who work extensively with bamboo or the rural studio of Andagere Architects, which believes in taking inspiration from our indigenous craft skills and traditions.

Visitors are welcome to walk through or visit the studios as per the schedule without restrictions. However presentations by the architect’s team will only be made at scheduled times.

Participating firms include:Andagere Architects, Architecture Paradigm, Collage Architecture Studio, Jaisim Fountainhead, Manasaram Architects, Mistry Architects, Play Architecture, Pragrup, Sathya Consultants, Studio 4A, Studio XS. The firms have all come on board to help students and public gain an understanding of the world of design and architecture. Please refer to the event for timings and map for locations, opening hours and presentation times.

Indian Cancer Society volunteers will be present at each of the venues to welcome you and collect your donations of Rs.100 per person per location.

Follow the Open Day on facebook at

Location: Google map link

Contact:, +91 9008038001 (on event days only)

River Hope Open Day

Note: This piece was shared by Krupa Rajangam and published here with minimal edits, in the section ‘message forward’, a space meant for public interest messages by individuals and nonprofits.

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