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  1. How does one participate in this event Ms MadhucHndrika is a renowned artist and a champion for social causes.
    Please email me and let me know if there is a selection process.
    Kindly let us know asap.
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  2. Good initiative and hope this works. There are top issues that I see rampant in Bengaluru that do not seem to be on radar:
    1. Little or no respect for Woman in city. Women are teased, ill-treated and disrespected. The helplines, 100 and police stations are useless and
    2. In Layouts people are being charged for BBMP Works. Hand in glove with BBMP local RWA’s are siphoning money from landlords and tenants alike in the name of Government approved BBMP works e.g. water supply and sewerage.
    3. Parking violations across roads especially on main roads and during peak / non -peak hours despite No-parking boards. Officials are unwilling to help despite proofs, photos and videos.
    Creating helplines and meetings to pledge will not work. I am willing to understand more and share more details if needed. However given the past experiences people have had with officials and absence of their commitment to weed out such issues, you might expect a good turn around for the event than actual participation in making the city better. How do you intend to solve this???

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