All about movement passes during lockdown: Bengaluru Police releases FAQ

movement passes during lockdown

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Bengaluru will go into a complete lockdown again from Tuesday, July 14. File Pic: Twitter handle of KR Puram Traffic Police

Bengaluru City Police (BCP) had introduced a pass system to regulate the movement of people and vehicles during COVID-19 lockdown. But there has been much confusion on who is eligible for passes, how these can be availed, whether passes are needed during medical emergencies, and so on.

BCP has released the following FAQ to respond to these questions.

Q: Who does not need a pass?

A: Here’s the list of people who don’t need a pass:

    1. Government officials on essential duty. They are permitted to travel to attend to their duties, but they must carry their department ID card.
    2. Medical Professionals and private security guards; however, they should preferably travel in their uniform.
    3. Media personnel (print and electronic media) must carry their accreditation card, or ID card issued by the concerned media company
    4. Government vehicles with ‘G’ registration numbers.
    5. Bank employees on essential duty; they too must carry the official ID card issued by their employers.

Q: Who needs a pass?

A: Private persons engaged in the supply of essential goods and services require a pass for attending to work related to supply chain management only. The categories that are eligible for pass are as follows:

    1. Shops – including ration shops (under PDS) – dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder
    2. Insurance offices
    3. Telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services. IT and IT enabled Services (only for essential services), and as far as possible to work from home
    4. Delivery of all essential goods including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment through e-commerce
    5. Petrol pumps, LPG, Petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets
    6. Power generation, transmission and distribution units and services
    7. Capital and debt market services, as notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India
    8. Cold storage and warehousing services

Q: Do I need a pass to go to the hospital?

A: Emergency Passes are available at all police stations for those who need to travel within Bengaluru city limits on account of any medical emergency or demise of family member. These passes are for use within the limits of Bengaluru city only, and are only valid for a period of 12 hours. The pass must be returned to the police station within 12 hours of issue. The applicant must deposit the original of one government-issued ID to obtain the Emergency Pass.

If the medical emergency requires travel outside the limits of Bengaluru city, one can apply in writing to the office of the local DCP along with ID proof and documents explaining the nature of the emergency. If the need is found to be genuine, a letter will be given to the applicant to facilitate their inter-district movement. However, this letter does not guarantee the cooperation of police of other jurisdiction, and is subject to their discretion.

Following is a memo by BCP, on issuing passes in case of medical emergencies.

Q: Do I need a pass to travel to a neighbouring district?

A: Travel is prohibited during the period of the lockdown. If the medical emergency requires travel outside the limits of Bengaluru city, one can apply in writing to the office of the local DCP along with ID proof and documents explaining the nature of the emergency.

If the need is found to be genuine, a letter will be given to the applicant to facilitate their inter-district movement. However, this letter does not guarantee the cooperation of the police of other jurisdictions, and is subject to their discretion.

Q: Do I need a pass to buy medicines?

A: All pharmacies and medical supply stores are permitted to operate during the lockdown. Hence one should be able to purchase required medicines and medical supplies from the neighbourhood store, which would be within walking distance.

So it is expected that members of the public will buy medicines from such neighbourhood stores. This will not need a pass as only main roads have been blocked by the police, and not the internal roads.

Q: Do I need a pass to buy groceries?

A: All grocery shops are permitted to operate during the lockdown. Hence, one should be able to purchase required groceries from the neighbourhood groceries shop, which would be within walking distance.

So it is expected that members of the public will buy essential groceries from such neighbourhood stores to which they can go by walk. This will not need a pass as only main roads have been blocked by the police, and not the internal roads.

Q: Do I need a pass to take morning walk or jog?

A: All movement is prohibited during the lockdown. Hence, all must refrain from taking any morning walk or jog during the lockdown period. Please exercise within the confines of your home.

Q: Can I go to visit my elderly parents?

A: All inessential travel is prohibited during the lockdown. Therefore, one must avoid such travel unless there is great need for it. If elderly parents require some essential commodities, these can be ordered online to be delivered at their house.

If online delivery is not feasible, one may contact the Elders Helpline for the needful (1090, 080-22943226, 9243737220, 9243737230). Necessary help for senior citizens in need will be arranged through the local administration. If any urgent police response is needed, one may dial 100 for help. If need be, local police will also come to the aid of senior citizens in need.

Q: Do I need a pass to go to the bank?

A: ATMs will function as usual, so one may go to any nearby ATM by walk. Online banking services are available for regular transactions. Online payment modes can also be utilised at this time. However, ATM services and cashier desk will be operational at all banks.

Q: Can I go to the pet store to buy food for my pet?

A: Online shopping websites can be utilised for door-delivery of pet food.

Q: Do I need a pass to run my kirana/dinasi shop?

A: No pass or permit is required to operate a kirana/dinasi store as groceries are essential items required by the public. However, passes may be required for the staff at the store if they have to travel from afar, and also for the vehicles which may be required for the transportation of staff and goods. The kirana/dinasi store owner can apply for a KSP CLEAR Pass at

Q: How do I obtain a pass for my workers?

A: Organisations engaged in supplying essential goods and services can obtain passes for the critical staff required for their operations, by registering for KSP CLEAR Pass at

Q: How do I obtain a pass for my vehicles?

A: No private vehicle is permitted to ply during the lockdown. Organisations engaged in the supply of essential goods and services can obtain vehicle passes for the vehicles needed for their operations, by registering for KSP CLEAR Pass at

Q: What is the validity of the pass?

A: This depends on the duration sought by the applicant and the duration granted by the pass issuing authority.

Q: Does one need to carry hard copy or soft copy of the pass?

A: The digital copy of the pass can be shown in the web application. The pass may also be printed if needed.

[This article is based on a press release from Bengaluru City Police (BCP), and has been published with minimal edits]

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