BDA site? Yes. BDA flat? No, no!

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The Bangalore Development Authority’s ambitious project of selling apartments has no takers. The demand for a decent home does not seem to end in Bangalore, but people are not interested in BDA flats.


The last date by which buyers had to apply for the flats was 31 June, 2013. Under Phase-I, total 4502 flats were constructed by the BDA, in Nandini Layout, Halagevaderahalli, Malagala, Gunjur phase-1, Thippasandra, Doddabanahalli Phase -I, Alur, Kothanur and Doddabanahalli units. Of these, according to BDA, only 700 have been allotted.

BDA apartment constructed near Kengeri. Pic: Bosky Khanna

Why did BDA get into apartment business?

Real estate market is booming in the city, even when there is lack of space. To keep pace with time and to compensate for the space crunch in the city, the BDA entered the business of apartment construction, apart from making layouts.

BDA commissioner T Sham Bhat informed Citizen Matters: “Space is a big constraint in Bangalore, so the BDA has decided to construct apartments and no new layouts for the time being.”

In the 2011-12 state budget, the Karnataka state government had proposed to build 30,000 affordable housing units through BDA. Under this scheme, the agency invited applications for the construction of 6180 apartments on March 14, 2013 through an advertisement.

The BDA started its project in Nandini Layout, where 168 single bedroom-hall-kitchen (1 BHK) flats were constructed on 1.5 acres of land. Interestingly, when the project was conceptualised in May, 2012, the BDA had worked out the cost to be Rs 5.5 lakh per flat. This cost was worked out hoping that the agency will get JNNURM funds for the project. But JNNURM refused to fund the project in November 2012.

So the BDA had to increase the price. The raw cost of the land was Rs 9 crore. The BDA increased the rate to Rs 8.2 lakh. But the government realised that it was expensive and slashed the rate.

Thus the final cost of each unit in Nandini layout was fixed at Rs 7.46 lakh for 470 sqft of built up area. This was announced by the BDA in the first week of July, 2013. Units are being constructed on a BDA-acquired land, thus the rates are reasonable, says BDA town planner member A V Rangesh.

At this juncture, some news papers reported that some of the buyers approached the BDA asking them to return their money. But when Citizen Matters enquired with BDA officials, everyone including the BDA Commissioner denied any knowledge of any such persons who approached them.

How are BDA houses allotted?
As per the provision of BDA Act Site Rules (1984), sub-rule (11) of allotment of site rules, there are nine reservation categories for allocating sites and units.
The list comprises:

  • SC, ST, OBC
  • Members of the armed forces of the Union, ex-servicemen
  • Members of the family of the deceased ex-servicemen
  • State government employees
  • Central government employees and public sector undertakings and statutory bodies owned or controlled by the state or central government
  • Physically handicapped
  • People having outstanding achievements in the field of arts, science and sports.

50% of the flats will be provided to general category, while 50% of it will go to the reservation category. Sites are allotted based on the discretion of the authority. For the purpose of allotment, the authority will constitute a committee. This allotment committee comprises three official members and three non-official members. The chairman of the authority shall be the chairman of the allotment committee. Subject to the approval of the authority, the decision of the allotment committee is considered to be final. There is no income limit in the allotment of sites, except in case of economically weaker sections of society, where the income should be less than Rs 1 lakh per annum. They will have to submit domicile and economic status certificates.

Rangesh adds that in total the BDA is constructing 17 apartment complexes in the city. They are in:

  • Alur on Tumkur Road

  • Malagala in Nagarbhavi

  • Halagevaderahalli in Rajarajeshwari Nagar

  • Thippasandra and Kothnur in Anjanapura

  • J P Nagar 9th phase

  • Kanaminike on Mysore Road

  • Two projects in Doddabanahalli on Old Madras Road

  • Two projects in Gunjur on Varthur Road

  • Two projects in Visveswaraiah Layout

  • Three projects in Kengeri and in Nandini Layout.

Rangesh says that the units in Nandini Layout have been allotted to people, but are not yet sold. Explaining the difference between sold and allotted, Rangesh says: “Sold means anybody can come and purchase it. However, in allotment, applications are called for and are scrutinised, after which applicants are shortlisted based on certain criteria and allotted homes. But they are sold to them only when they deposit the initial amount.”

‘Use borewell water until Cauvery arrives’

The BDA aims to complete the construction of these unfurnished 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in all the 17 sites by April 2014. Their biggest project site is in Kengeri, opposite to Kengeri bus stand on Mysore road.

The cost of each complex is different. The builders who won the tenders are-  BG Shirke Construction Technology Private Limited and Homballe Infrastructure and Gowri Infrastructure projects. The architects hired by BDA are- Mumbai-based Tandon Consultants, Kolkata-based Srei Infra Finance private limited, Delhi-based Voyant Solutions and Bangalore-based Stup Consultants Private Limited.

The BDA has assured of Cauvery water supply in all its units, in the Cauvery 4th phase 6th stage water supply. Until then dwellers will have to make use of borewell water. As per government rules BDA aims to provide solar water heaters and solar lighting in homes.

“The borewell water is potable. We have dug four borewells for 300 feet and we are using the same for construction and for drinking after filtering it,” says Uma  Prasad, chief project manager from Shirke.

Solar water heater only for top floor

Citizen Matters visited the Valagerahallli site in Kengeri and found that no luxury apartments were being constructed. The apartments are based on three categories –  for the lower income group (1BHK), for middle income group (2BHK) and high income groups (3BHK).

All apartments were being provided with balconies, AC and geiser points, lifts and staircases. Parking space was being provided for only 50% of the apartments in each block. The homes are not vastu-compliant, however the site is. Vitrified tiles were being used inside homes and granite flooring was present in the common area.

There was no provision for dining area in 1BHK homes. They were present only in 2BHK and 3BHK houses.

Uma Prasad says that provision for solar water heating is only for the top floor and not for all units, as it is not possible to provide piping and facility for all units.


Carpet area

Built up area



328 sqft

470 sqft

8 – 12 lakh


600 sqft

830 sqft

14 – 17 lakh


900 sqft

1100 sqft

22-27 lakh

Most of the public are hesitant to buy BDA flats. Pic: Bosky Khanna

Quality is the key factor

Commenting on the quality of construction and rates of the apartments, Rangesh asserts: “Our units are better in quality compared to those being offered by the private builders. The rate is 50% less. We are here to give the best at affordable prices to all people.”

However, private builders dispute this. President of Bangalore Realtors Association of India (BRA-I), Irshad Ahmed says that there can never be a competition. BDA is now constructing budget homes while there are many who are constructing high end and luxury apartments. The finishing and quality also cannot be compared to that of the private builders.

“I cannot speak of the standards of BDA as it is for the first time they are entering this business. So they should also talk after people move into them and stay there for a while. We have seen the standards of Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) and they are not good,”  he says.

He points that BDA is constructing homes on the outskirts of the city and not focusing where the demand is more. There is a lot of demand in south and east of Bangalore covering areas of Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur Road, Hennur, Whitefield, Hebbal and Kanakapura road.

Director of town planning in Karnataka Housing Board, Veerendra Nath K R says that BDA has an in-house quality inspection of the site, which is not trustworthy.

BDA sites still available
The BDA aims to complete the already announced five layouts: Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Layout (spread across 4,814 acres), K Shivaram Karanth Layout (3,456.12 acres), K C Reddy layout (2,134.9 acres), D Devaraj Urs Layout (1,976.02 acres) and S Nijalingappa layout (2,806.09 acres). .

People skeptical about BDA houses

While some feel the cost offered by the BDA is less, others are worried about the quality and maintenance.

Amita B, a resident of Jayanagar an employee in a private club, says: “Looking at the past track record of BDA – land tussle and legal problems in the formation of layouts, I am doubtful of the apartments. Though BDA is saying that khata will be given, will it be allotted and and are all sites free of litigation, is a worry.” She says she is skeptical about the maintenance too.

Sunitha R, a resident of Kengeri, says that there are many apartments coming up nearby. “I would prefer to stay in a private property rather than a BDA site as I am not very confident of the quality of the house. The rate speaks for itself. If the house is costlier it is always better.”

However, Deepa Narang, another resident of Kengeri says that on the onset the homes look fine and are meant to cater the needs of those who have budget constraints. “I have been searching for a decent home since very long, but the rates do not match my budget. So this seems like a better alternative,” she adds.

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  1. @ murali.. Thank you for good information… sir as i am out of station i had some quiries if u possibble plz clarify.
    1: If we pay full amount in single instalment is der any discount in the price.
    2: And pocesion of doddbanalli flat will take another 1year according to engineer so do we get any extra time to pay the installment.
    Thanks in advnce

  2. @Murali, today itself is march 4th and your posting now. Is it tom or its over alreay ?
    what all documents we have to submit now.?

  3. I met BDA Accounts Officer today. Cost of 2 BHK is increased by 1 Lakhs in all the different places. For Eg. Kothnur cost is increased from Rs14.5 L to Rs 15.5 Lakhs. There are no specifice reasons for the increase. Also by now most of us have received our “Allotment letter” and “No Objection Letter”. Only cost of the apartment is included in the Allotment letter. Cost 1,550,000 Registration @12% 186,000 Service Tax @ 5.5% (Not mentioned in the notification) 85,250 BWSSB 91,250 Parking (Approximately) 100,000 Total 2,012,500 1. I had a discussion with HDFC Bank, Bank will only fund for the amount mentioned in the allotment letter i.e Rs 15.5 Lakhs. 2. Remaining all other amounts are not mentioned in the allotment and bank will not fund. It has to be paid by us separately. Request all of you to come to BDA office at 3 PM tomorrow ( Mar 04, 2014 – Wednesday), there will be a Public meeting with BDA commissioner, we can express our concern and request them to include all the cost in the letter and revise the allotment letter so that bank will be provide additional loan

  4. HemanthaRaju
    hi all, any body got allotment letter of Doddabanahalli,so far i have not received d same from bda ,any one visiting bda office may kindly checkup and share the infomation for the benefit of others.

  5. hi all, i also have received a allotment letter for 2BHK in Kothnur can anyone have idea regarding the approximate amount for Registration, parking, BWSCOM, BWSSB. if information plz mail me to

  6. @gurudatt: thank you very much for the quick response and concern. Pls send pics.. my mobile number is +91 9980009613.

  7. Hi Sunil,construction of the flats happening and it will complete in 10-12 months i can say and everything is ready and concrete blocks are in good quality and huge missionaries and equipments are working out and its nice to see really.
    3bhk house is really awesome and you can ask the security for the blue print for the 3bhk and engineer has designed it very nicely interior is very good,,,,i can send you that watsapp just drop me a message i will send it across… nice to see….

  8. Some info regarding refund : Saturday I had been to BDA office. There were only 20 cheques remaining to be sent. Those who does not receive refund yet, can directly visit BDA office. If bda has ur undelivered cheque, they are directly handing it over. For further details, u can call to BDA.. Ext no is 265.

  9. @gurudatt – hi gurudatt.. I just want to know how much of construction is completed in doddabanahalli. I am planning a visit to feel how big will be the house and also want to check the quality of the same. Any flats are completely fully?

  10. Hi Gurudatta, I too visited dbhalli.according to site engr it will take min 12 monts to complet the project this may b the reason for bda to not to send the allottment letter to dbhalli alloties. Pl update me if there r other info.

  11. Hi Shashi,Good morning!!! Day before i visited Doddabanahalli and construction is happening vigorously and they will finish it by end of this year(as per the sayings of BDA constructors).also some of them have got allotment letters but i didnt get that as we have given our native address please guide me when can we get the allotment letter for the same.also can anyone please tell me if the full amount is paid in 60days is there any concession on the same????
    please post the latest updates on the same……
    whoever is going to BDA office shortly please ask them about the allotment letters for non bangalore residents and please call me or mail me at or 9916326267….so that i will plan for this.
    mean while i will also share the latest news in the blogs.
    Thanks and cheers!!!!!

  12. @nitin, I also got allotment letter for valagerahalli flat and planning to go to BDA office any time this week. It will be helpfull if you drop me your contact details on my mail i will try to check with your quiries too.

  13. If the whole amount of the flat is paid within 60 days in single instalment , is there any concession. pl. can anybody confirm this.

  14. Hi all, I got allotement letter for Kothanur. The total amount is 15.50 lack in allotment letter, as per 3rd notification the price was 14.50. I guess they have increased price by 1 lack for all flats. And I visited BDA office today (DS-3 / Upakaryadarshi-3 on 2nd floor). They say we have to deduct the initial deposit paid from 15.50 and pay the rest. This amount is excluded of Parking, BESCOM and BWSSB. I also asked about the 5% less on total amount if the whole amount is paid in single installment within 60 days. They are not sure about 5% concision, got different answers from 2 different guys. Can anybody confirm on this?

  15. Hi, I got the allotment letter today too (Gunjur). The price mentioned on it is 24 lk as compared to the 23 lk. mentioned in the notification. It says so on the NOC also provided. Will that mean while applying for a loan the total cost considered will be only 24lk? And not the total lost (Registration, parking, BWSCOM, BWSSB)?

  16. Hi All, just got the allotment letter for a 3-BHK at Valgerahalli along with the payment details…..25% within the first 60 days, the next 25% in another 60 days, and the 25% in the next 60 days. There is also a no objection certificate along with the letter which gives permission for mortgage in some selected banks like HDFC, etc……..

  17. Hi Anand,is there any change in flat price or same as the mentioned in the notification.bcz i heard that flat price has been revised.

  18. my friend patil have got allotment letter today in speedpost. He said they send bank details ,25%amount within 60days and allotment details.But he has already applied for cancil one month back. how bda sent letter.

  19. @ Ramanath, I took a link after logging in to the, may be due to that the link is not working.Just i wanted to share that Mr Butt has said that soon they are going release new notification for 4200 apartments. More details you find in Prajyavani front page dated 19FEB2014.

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