BBMP’s ‘missing’ file on EWS Housing

On 11 June 2013, Suvarna News 24X7 and TV9 news had reported that the Mayor, Venkatesh Murthy, asked for the concessionaire agreement between the Maverick Holdings and the BBMP, related to Ejipura Economically Weaker Sections Quarters. However, chief engineer Rangaraju, who took over from erstwhile chief engineer B T Ramesh, said that the file was missing.

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Citizen Matters‘ effort to try to know why the Mayor wanted the files did not receive any reply, as the Mayor asked us to talk to the BBMP Commissioner.

The Commissioner, Lakshminarayan, remained unavailable over phone for any clarifications. But here is the ‘missing’ file below. Citizen Matters had obtained a copy of it in February 2013, which has been uploaded here.

The BBMP has many times ‘missed’ the files or files were accidentally ‘burnt’ in a fire. Earlier examples are the files related to the leasing and renting of government properties and the fire in BMTF office, which burnt important documents.

BBMP-Maverick Agreement – Missing File by Citizen Matters

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