BBMP candidates must make their stand clear on citizen participation

BBMP Elections are here again. Candidates must make their stand clear about creation of Ward Committees / Area Sabhas as per Karnataka Municipal Corporation (Ward Committee) Rules 2013 and other Acts. Otherwise, people must reject them.

Despite High Court of Karnataka orders in 2013, BBMP has failed to form Ward Committees / Area Sabhas in most of 198 wards under its limits; if existing, selection process of members is either skewed or manipulated to suit the whims and fancies of the ward corporation and local MLA. If existing, they are either defunct or the meetings held and recorded are far from true and fair depiction of the proceedings.

Therefore, we must demand and make the candidates issue public statements that they will, if elected, within a given timeframe, ensure formation of Ward Committees / Area Sabhas according to the rules and regulations laid down under the said act cited above.

This assurance must be given by all candidates in an affidavit, duly notarised and kept safely with a well-known person of a ward in a sealed envelope. The affidavit must also include that if they fail to fulfill what they have committed in the affidavit within a reasonable timeframe, they will automatically tender their resignation. This affidavit must be obtained before filing their nominations,.

This is a suggestion born out of our bitter experience in the past, sheer desperation and having suffered the apathy and callous attitude of the elected representatives in taking citizens for granted, planning their own projects etc, to suit their followers and with ‘what is in it for me’ syndrome.

People are fed up because all these days, these elected representatives in connivance with BBMP officials have failed to ensure minimum basic infrastrural facilities at ward levels. They have been promising ‘obbattu’ (sweet pancakes) to citizens by means of plans and estimates of huge amounts. Finally they give the citizens ‘biscattu’ (biscuits). It has resulted in ‘kurigalu saar, kurigalu’ syndrome. If Ward Committees are formed properly, it will act as ‘bottoms up’ approach to the needs and requirements of the people to command and get what they want for a safe and secure living condition in a given area.

High Court Orders 2013 and Karnataka Municipal Corporation (Ward Committee) Rules 2013 duly gazetted by Government.

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  1. @Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

    Good intentions sir. But you fail to understand the huge amount of money collected by selling “free” plastic bags, hafta from substandard cable TV connections, tanker water supply mafia, your fines with “receipt” paid to “police” and other such sources at the disposal of “elected” and “government” officials go to fund the “people” to “vote”, who in turn will willingly buy their benefactors’ lie about how the ‘other’ people are ruining their beloved city and for the petty sum forget that these very “representatives” have denied them basic amenities and a future. Their votes will help the system continue. Your appeals here will of course garner you a lot of support and sympathy, but will not change things.

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