Coronavirus advisory: For Paying Guest accommodations and hostels


On 16 March, BBMP teams led by Zonal, Special and Joint Commissioners visited PGs and hostels to check on hygiene and safety. Pic: Twitter handle of BBMP Commissioner

Bengaluru is home to many educational institutions, which means it is also home to a large student population and a young professional crowd. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, BBMP has issued the following advisory for paying guest accommodations and hostels:

  1. Students residing in Paying Guest (PG) houses or hostels may be advised to return to their own homes, in case their educational institutions have declared holidays in view of COV1D-19. In case occupants opt to stay back in the Hostel /PG House, they should be made aware of personal hygiene measures as per the advice of the Government of Karnataka.
  2. Sanitation and cleaning of PG accommodation/hostels periodically would be the mandatory responsibility of the owner(s)/manager(s) of such properties. The Warden/Caretaker of such property must be strictly told about the importance of maintaining cleanliness.
  3. Overcrowding of rooms is strictly prohibited as this not only causes inconvenience to the occupants but also creates ideal conditions for the spread of infection. A living space (excluding kitchen, toilet/bathroom) of 110 sq ft shall not have more than two occupants (As per Public Health Standards).
  4. Owners/managers of PG houses/hostels will not have the right to forcibly evict occupants citing the above reasons, without giving them suitable time to look for alternate accommodation.
  5. Action shall be taken against the owners/managers of PG houses and hostels in case COVID-19 spreads due to non-compliance of directions related to sanitation and hygiene in the premises.

You can download and share the following graphic by BBMP with your family, friends, neighbours and residents’ association as well as with PG/hostel owners to create awareness and help Bengaluru stay safe.

Last week, some students were forced to vacate their accommodation, which led to panic and confusion among the student community. In a tweet, BBMP Commissioner B H Anil Kumar clarified that no forceful eviction should take place. His tweet said, “It has come to the notice of #BBMP that some PG owners are forcing inmates to vacate the premises by misinterpreting the previous advisory. Nobody should be forced to vacate.”

On 19 March, the Palike issued a clarification on the COVID-19 advisory for PG accommodations and hostels.


The original copy of this advisory can be accessed here. BBMP’s message to all is, “Help us to Help you. Let us fight COVID-19 together. Stay Home, Be Safe.”

[This article is based on a press release from BBMP, and has been published with edits]

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    • Hi why there is no response or the Government taking no action regarding PG rent issues even after tweeting ??

    • Hello, as soon a lock down was declared I went to my home town which was on 17th march and I’m staying here since then but my pg (in Gurgaon)owner is asking to pay April month full fee and I’m not even staying there. I have asked him to to take as much as is genuine. So my question is do I have to pay pg fee during lock down when I’m staying at my home town.
      Please answer

      • same situation with me the pg owner asks me to pay the full rent.The government must need to give a notification on it

  1. Hi
    Iam staying in Bangalore pg from so many years.
    Now because of corona effects we came to our hometown.
    From March 22nd to april 15 means more than 23days I will stay in my home only.
    But pg owner is asking full month rent.
    23 days gas, electricity and food these all are savings for pg owner.
    Even though he is asking full payment.
    Please take action.

  2. Hi sir, due to lock down i went to hometown but pg owner is asking me to pay full rent. please advise me whether i should pay or not

    • Hi Sir,
      I am staying in pg…because lockdown, I disnot go to my homedown..i am in pg owner aaking me to pay rent as soon as possible….o heared news that, doesnt want to pay pg rent for month of march…so can you please clarify, whether i can pay or should not??

  3. Hi,
    My PG owner is asking me to pay full rent for the month of april but i am stuck in my native what should I do now. Please help me

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have not been in my PG for past 10 days and will not be coming next month either due to tough COVID-19 situation, still my PG owner insists on paying the full rent. Request your help\suggestions.

    Thanks and Regards

  5. Hello, as soon a lockdown was declared I went to my home town which was on 15th march and I’m staying here since then but my pg (Bangalore) owner is asking to pay April month fee and I’m not even staying there. So my question is do I have to pay pg fee during lockdown when I’m staying at my home town.
    Please answer

  6. I was staying bangalore Reshma phone
    owner is asking forcefully to pay the PG rent hence our government has been already announced that no one of house or PG owners should not ask rent for 3 month but still they are asking

  7. Hi sir,

    We are staying in a pg in bangalore. Due to lockdown we came to hometown and pg owners are forcing to pay full rent. Please help

  8. Hi,

    I am one of the tenants staying in SHREE RAM PG of Ladies, Btm 2nd Stage, flat no 91.
    My pg owner is not providing us a good quality of food.and even he is not taking care of cleaning stuffs, which is very important as per current situation. We have to clean our room by our own. .. And if we are preparing something for our own he is shouting and using bad words.. For the name sake he says we have power backup but they will hardly provide us the backup, for that also they will argue…
    Both husband and wife they don’t know manners how to talk with girls, they use abusive languages… Just tell me is it correct.. Because oof this lockdown, we are not able to go back to our native., so they are just tking advantage of this….
    Please suggest me whom shouldI repirt

    • Hi..we are dealing with the similar situation…and on top of that they are not providing us proper internet connectivity to WFH..and they are taking full rent from everyone who are in their hometown..but telling us opposite that others paid us half so we can’t provide full services on our expenses…

      Please let us know if you got the solution to your that we can also proceed in some way..


  9. I have vacat the room as per the notice sent to us by my PG owner . I have already paid full rent for March month and now they are asking for the rent of April month but due to this COVID period and lockdown we wont be able to stay in PG till 14 April or 15th April, So are we suppose the pay the rent in this lock down?-

  10. Hi Sir, I am staying in pg Bangalore. Having difficulty in paying pg rent due to this corona issue. Anyway I cant return back to Bangalore this month. But the pg owner is asking to pay full rent. Please take necessary action this

  11. Sir it’s been almost more than 20 we have Come back to our hometown m and coming 15 days of April we will be at home because of lockdown. Our pg owner is insisting us to do full payment. Even after not using the food electricity . Please reply on this. There are so many girls and guys going through this

  12. I m staying in whitefield pg owner is asking to pay full amout i cant pay plz help ..

    Do the need full

  13. All are raising the concern of your stay or unable to pay. Just think how the PG owner will pay rent to building owner without any income. How they will serve food, water, electricity, cook salay, care taker salary, cleaning salary, maintenance etc… Now the building owners are forcing the pg owners to pay rent… Please help the pg owners too

    • Electricity and water we have not used and more over food is not eaten by us. PG owners are supposed to take rent only for the ones who are staying in pg. Ppl who are staying in home and luggage is been kept in PG how can you except to pay more than 2k

  14. Hi sir, I am staying in a PG in Bangalore, our pg owner forcing us to pay full rent for next month i.e April no one knows whether we r going back to PG in April or not. And because of Corona company decided to deduct salary. In this situation how can we able to pay full rent sir. Please help us sir.

  15. Hello Sir

    I am a PG owner in Bangalore..some of them in our OG has gone home…very few people are staying…and they are given with work from home and salary…we are providing them food and shelter…should i collect the rent or should i feed them with my own savings?

    I should pay the building rent as well..consider our request and give us a valid solution.

    Thank you

  16. I stay in pg owner is forcing me to pay full amount of pg.what should I do????

  17. As we came to our natives since people are asking to pay full amount…as we dint stayed properly….how can we pay it was unexpected for all of us ..give me suggestion for this as we need to pay or no need of paying rent?

      • Please ask the pg/owners not to ask rent from us for April-May, our office will not pay us full salary, it will be very difficult for us to pay such hefty amount as rent of pg in this tough situation ??? please do something, rest cities like Delhi, Madhya Pradesh have already declared not to ask rent for accommodation to any one staying in PG/ Hostels. They are so helpful to their people, please request you to do same?

    • The same problem in Banglore, Please Govt needs to help us all.
      Please resolve this issue.

  18. Hi Sir,I am staying in pg due to lock down I came to home town. My owners are asking to pay full payment.why should I pay full payment sir.they are forcing me to pay.please help me in it sir

    • Same situation with me, This is a “The Pandemic”. Everyone should understand this.

  19. Sir,

    We are staying in PG at Bangalore our PG owner is asking forcefully to pay the PG rent hence our government has been already announced that no one of house or PG owners should not ask rent for 3 month but still they are asking

    The owner number is 8550800333

  20. Hi sir, I’m staying in a pg in Bangalore, due to covid-19 I went to my native.. now pg people asking me to pay the full amount of pg rent there is any rules regarding this. If I’m not staying there why should I pay full pg rent.

  21. We are staying in BMR PG Hulimavu (Bangalore).we are coming difficulty to pay pg pg owner force for rent.pls help is not pocket.Actually, I am from UP, how will I go to UP?

  22. Hi im staying in a pg in bangalore. Having difficulties paying the pg rent due to the lock down. The company mentioned that they will pay the salary in the month of May. So, is there a rule to not pay the rent during the lock down period? Please advise.

  23. Hello, I’m from Mumbai. When the lockdown was announced, I found a place to stay.

    Noe the family that hosted me is not able to manage, I have found a service apartment.

    I need help with transportation, can someone help pls

    Thank you,

  24. Sir,
    We are students from andhrapradesh and we r staying in pg ashwatnagar. We are finding difficulty to pay hostel fees as of now.

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