Visit the many attractions Bengaluru has to offer, in one day!

Bengaluru has much to offer. That much is clear even to someone who is new to the city. Normally, if you plan to visit all of the major sightseeing locales available, it would take several trips. The Bangalore Rounds bus service makes it easy to condense a planned excursion into a single day-trip for those without much time.

It’s the equivalent of marathoning a favorite TV show on Netflix, but instead you can experience sunshine, learn more about the history of the city, and revel in the amazing architectural designs. Although it’s unlikely you’ll be able to visit every landmark and spend as much time as you would like in one day.

A view of the lake in the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Pic: Christopher Martin Lopaze

According to the BMTC website, the service’s coverage area encompasses around 20 different locations spread out around the city. Buses arrive at pick-up/drop-off areas near the locations in 30-45 minute intervals.

If you start later in the afternoon, you will be limited in what sites you can choose to visit. Some sites only offer a full experience at certain times of the day, so plan accordingly. I used the service on a weekday during the day, so very few people were riding the bus along with me.

Buses were usually punctual, and showed up within the window of time they specified.

Interior view of the Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Construction of this palace took about 10 years. Pic: Christopher Martin Lopaze

The early bird gets the worm

If you want to experience all the service has to offer (especially if you want to spend longer than an half hour at each location), it’s best to show up and catch a bus as early as possible. Service starts early in the morning at 8:30 am.

Want to see as many landmarks as possible?

Even though the buses run in short intervals, don’t feel rushed to catch the soonest bus each time and only spend 30 minutes at each location. Some locations, such as the Lalbagh gardens, cannot be fully enjoyed without spending a significant amount of time there.

Don’t neglect proper attire

Even if you start in the morning, it’s more than likely you’ll end up visiting an outdoor location in the afternoon when the weather is hot. Bring something to help ward off the sun.


In learning about all of the interesting locations, you might forget about food. Either bring some spending money, as some locations have snack vendors, or pack your own lunch.

Ticket fare

Ticket fare is  250 rupees for an adult, 150 rupees for children. Each location can be reached in 30 minutes. Spend as much time as you want in each location, and hop on to the next bus!

Overall, it’s a convenient way to get the most out of a day-trip in the city for those who do not have a lot of time to spare and have an interest in the history of Bengaluru.

For information on destinations covered, pick-up points and schedule, click here

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