Bengaluru gets yet another Mobility Plan: What’s new?


Last month, the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) released a Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) for Bengaluru. You have till January 5th to send in your suggestions and objections to the plan. Set in three phases, CMP is expected to be implemented between 2020 and 2035.

What are the key suggestions and projects in the CMP? It’s heartening that pedestrian infrastructure – which had been ignored in previous mobility plans – makes an appearance in this one.

But what’s most striking is that the elevated corridor project, which the government had shelved after major citizen protests, makes a sudden comeback in the CMP. This brings into question the seriousness with which the plan was drafted.

Also, much of the CMP is old wine in new bottle. Projects like pay-and-park, and goals such as increasing the share of public transport, that have appeared in Bengaluru’s previous mobility plans are included in the CMP as well. Congestion fee and Metrolite project that have been discussed and debated for long, are included too.

The question is, why do the same projects keep reappearing in various mobility plans over the years, but never get implemented?

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  1. I am glad someone is questioning these reappearances of ideas which were written off!

    Would you also help me with the following please?

    Whom have you posed the question to?
    Do they know that you have?
    Is there is response expected in a certain time?

    Also, the old wine in a new bottle analogy doesn’t really work coz, the older the wine, the pricier it gets?

  2. Very logical and innovative solution with depth of analysis.
    Multilevel housing and new office space within City limits of 15kms radius to be avoided. Only then decongestion happens and mobility solutions as above will be workable.

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