Why Bellandur lake restoration will fail unless Doddanekkundi lake is cleaned up


Crores have been spent on cleaning up lakes in the city, but these lakes still receive sewage. This is because of the peculiarity of Bengaluru’s lake system – lakes here cascade into one another, and the land gradient supports this. So, once a lake is cleaned up, it will remain so only if the lakes and rajakaluves upstream of it are also clean.

The infamous Bellandur lake is being rejuvenated now. But this exercise would be pointless unless the upstream Doddanekkundi and Kaggasadapura lakes too are cleaned, because it’s from these two lakes that sewage enters Bellandur lake.

So, even though citizen initiatives have helped restore individual lakes, it’s important that we make the system itself accountable. Demand social audits of STPs. And demand that MLAs and corporators come up with a comprehensive plan for all lakes in the city rather than for those in their constituency/ward alone.

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  1. I agree that the BELANDUR lake won’t be in a better shape unless upstream lakes are cleaned as well. However – point to note is that Kaggadasapura and Nekkundi lakes don’t flow into BELANDUR. They join the valley post the BELANDUR lake

  2. Doddanekundi is one of the source there are many such including KC Valley, HRS sewage joining together into bellandur lake bell mouth

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