B.PAC asks BBMP corporators to take oath – “Na Khaoonga, Na Khane Dunga”

Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) wrote to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi congratulating his party for winning 100 seats with 40% of votes in the recently concluded BBMP elections

In the letter, B.PAC has urged the BJP corporators, who may soon take the oath of office, to take another oath publicly, “Na Khaoonga, Na Khane Dunga”, following the public assurance given to the citizens of India by the Prime Minister. 

This will ensure that elected BJP corporators give a public commitment to assure corruption-free governance during their term in their office, and focus on delivering transparent and citizen-centric governance at their respective wards. 

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, President, B.PAC said, “This letter to the Prime Minister was with an intent to get commitment from our corporators for clean governance and efficient administration for the next five years in their office, to break the vicious cycle of corruption and apathy which characterised the last Council”.  

“In light of recent media reports that Congress and JD(S) are having a dialogue to elect Mayor and Deputy Mayor jointly, we urge all Congress and JD(S) corporators also to take a similar oath to assure citizens of a corruption free Council. This is more so since reports of horse trading, sequestration of independent corporators and huge sums being exchanged are coming in the public domain,” said T V Mohandas Pai, Vice President, B.PAC.

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  1. You really cant expect this to work as its a sick joke on people as just a publicity gimmick and PM himself does not follow it.
    B.Pac would be wiser to try more working & stronger methods as many of the candidates it endorsed were corrupt & contested mainly with that intention and need to bind them stronger.

    also above post by N V Krishnakumar is a BJP post to mislead people, when very corrupt BJP was ruling last five years how could Nandan Nilekani start garbage mafia- the post is to fool people as usual. Both Congress and BJP are of same coin.

  2. Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is better off apologizing to the people of Bengaluru on behalf her corporate and NGO colleagues for the following.
    – Her pal Mr. Nandan Nilekani **** changed the garbage system under the aegis of Bangalore Agenda Task Force without understanding the nitty-gritty of garbage disposal.
    – Her Pal Ms. Swati Ramanathan, who imposed a Rs 1,000 crore tender sure project on taxpayers, when BMRCL has built a similar pavements in front of GPO for fraction of the cost.
    – Her own organization for continuing to question the state government on the smart city status for Bengaluru. The state government has taken a wise decision in leaving out Bengaluru from the smart city project and develop other cities which is necessary to decongest and stop the inflow of people into Bengaluru.

    There are many more such examples but suffice to say that these industry icons are excellent in what they do but are jokers when it comes to public policy.

    Rather than corporators, BPAC tycoons along with her fellow corporate honchos should take a OATH, that they will never interfere nor influence public policy and that they will request industry captains to be transparent on donations to Congress party.
    (Editor: Comment edited to suit our comment policy.)

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