Please ensure peaceful life for us, Worshipful Mayor of Bangalore!

Worshipful Mayor Smt Shantakumari,

Kindly accept my heartfelt congrats as well as the ‘Best Wishes’ on entering your new office as the Mayor of Bangalore, from this hearing-challenged senior citizen (75+), a consumer/social activist !!

I learnt from a website that dedicates itself for the welfare of the citizens of our city, that you’re presently on a mission, visiting nook and corner, to study the civic problems and to improve the state of affairs, amenities, etc, so that we could lead a peaceful life, during your regime.

Kindly excuse my liberties to come out with the following suggestions:

After worshipping at the Lord Dodda Ganapathi’s Lotus Feet, earlier, naturally, via a round-about the Gandhi Bazaar to understand the traffic nuisance and how the pedestrians and vehicle-owners pass through literally risking their lives, as well as the Bull Temple Road with hawkers on the sideways + vehicles parked in a haphazard way on both the sides, kindly enter the fourth main road.

As per my own statistics, roughly 10% of the vehicles — all put together —  pass through this road. Arrange to organise three or more road-bumps/speed-breakers with clear zebra marking so that the vehicles do not lose the balance.

Now the citizens, especially the seniors — would greatly welcome your august visit to the ‘blessed’ third cross,where there is a small shrine for the Sadguru Sree Raghavendra (called Aknur Mutt). This hardly ten-feet wide road is jam-packed with all sorts of vehicles one can imagine and the drivers run theirs at such a great speed as if they were on a race, little realising the risks to their own lives and the precious lives of the passers-by.  

This small road, where one-time bungalows are being converted into flats, has almost all sorts of the vehicles parked perennially, 24x7x365! Another startling fact is that the adjacent roads — on the Western-side — are clustered with primary, elementary and high-schools, in addition to a couple of colleges adjacent to the Lord Ganapathi Temple. Thus, from tiny tots to matured girls and boys use this road before and after their classes end.

The reason for such a heavy traffic is, this is the gateway to Hanumanth Nagar – or in other words, ‘The Last Journey to the Heaven or Hell,’ considering the amazing vehicular traffic and the speed-race.

My humble submission/appeal to you, Madam is: Kindly make this road one-way, besides creating additional speed-breakers, with a couple of policemen to oversee the speeding. I have written scores of mails to the police commissioner / traffic incharges. But all were in vain.  

With great hope, I am putting forth this suggestion so that precious lives and public/private properties could be saved before, God forbid, any disaster takes place. Added to this menace of the ever-growing flats, there’s a high-tech office and a newly functioning Logistics outfit that attracts heavy lorry-traffic.

I conclude this appeal with respectful Namaskaar and Greetings to you, Madam. Also wishing you god-speed!


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