Are you listening, Mr Corporator?

I am a senior citizen residing in the Ranka Colony Road, in Bilekahalli, on the road above the mega storm water drain. I would like to bring to the notice of the authorities concerned, the problems that the residents in this area face. This is so that at least a few conscientious officials look into the matter and take corrective actions. Do feel free to visit the area to see for yourself how acute our problems are.

  • This road is supposed to be a concrete road, but a ride or a walk on the road will reveal the quality of concrete surface. Many two- wheelers riders have fallen and hurt themselves as a result of the differential levels and protruding surfaces at manholes, especially near the exit gate of Mantri Terrace. The concreting has been done in a most shabby manner, without any concern for quality, perhaps by a contractor who needs to read up on civil engineering, under the supervision of an equally ignorant BBMP official.
  • Though the road is wide, more than half of it is covered by large concrete/steels pipes for over a year now. This is apart from the vending stalls, roadside food courts and of course, garbage that are already present.
  • This is a road with several multi-storied buildings housing over 3000 families, and almost half of the members are young children or senior citizens.
  • There are neither street lights, nor footpaths to facilitate walking.
  • Being connected to Madiwala Lake Road/Bilekahalli Village through  SNN Raj Lake View complex, vehicular traffic has gone up substantially, causing grave threats to young children and others crossing the road. There is no police outpost.
  • The road in front of Mantri Terrace leading to N.S. Palaya has also been dug up and has not been paved. This could have provided an alternate route, thereby easing the traffic situation.
  • The apartment complexes have been developed without any societal planning and there are no civic amenities like playgrounds, parks etc in the neighbourhood.
  • The Janardhana Towers corner at the end of the road adjacent to Ranka Villas is a dangerous spot, awaiting a multi-vehicle collision. One does not need to learn only after lives are lost.
  • The footpath in front of Janardhana Towers on Bannerghatta Road is a nightmare and perhaps only the Gods are helping prevent walkers from tripping and getting hurt.
  • The liquor shop at the beginning of the road on Bannerghatta Road corner adds to the citizens’ woes, with the menace of drunkards, especially at nights, and with no lighting around.

Even the MLA of the constituency who visited and pleaded for votes before the assembly elections, has not visited after having got elected.

On behalf of the citizens of the Ranka Colony Road, I urge the concerned authorities to kindly use your good offices to help expedite the following work.

  • To provide street lighting.
  • To provide a walkable footpath in front of Janardhana Towers on Bannerghatta Road.
  • To provide a walkable footpath at least on one side of Ranka Road.
  • To provide an overbridge across Bannerghatta Road, for people to cross to the other side.
  • To plan for a playground and park in the open area at the end of the road, where currently trucks/buses are being parked and rubbish is being dumped.

Will anyone listen and act?

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  1. The footpaths of Bangalore City need urgent attention.
    Staying in 1st Main, Vyalikaval, Bangalore.
    Just before the elections, there was day and night hectic work by contractors digging and removing the old stones and slabs on 2nd Main, Vyalikaval. New cement designed slabs were dumped on the footpaths.
    But as soon as the elections were over, the work was stopped immediately and the new cement slabs and the mud are lying on the footpaths. People are now unable to walk on the footpaths, since they are afraid of falling and breaking their bones – they rather risk walking on the roads.
    We request the residences of Vyalikaval request the Chief Minister to get down from the air-conditioned car and walk on the footpaths to know the condition – this walk is also good for his health.
    We hear of the achievements made by the government headed by the Chief Minister during the one year period.

    A. S. Bhasker Raj
    Journalist, Freelance Writer and Author
    1st Main, Vyalikaval
    Bangalore 560003
    Mobile: 8553000575

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