Age is just a number for her

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Andalamma identifies herself as a ‘Raitha mahile’ and a ‘Samaja sevike (social worker)’. She is a woman who ‘may be physically old but is mentally strong’; She has done so many different things over the decades, from running a pre-primary school, an orphanage, and a full-fledged school (day care to 10th standard). She is a director in a factory, has started a Mahila Samaja and many stree shakti groups too. She has spent time in learning about mushroom cultivation and vermicompost; she also enjoys learning languages, and can speak and understand Malayalam and Bengali. Andalamma is currently involved in building an old age home for around 100 inmates, She has a zest for life, and wants to do many more things, especially for women, in the areas of health, savings, etc.


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