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  1. Thanks for sharing such a beneficial article. As I have gone through whole article I noticed you have missed some points.
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  2. International price of gas is in the region of Rs.300 per cylinder, there is no more need for any subsidy, let the government reduce the rate of gas to Rs.300 per cylinder and not Rs.605 immediately or let this government be removed and voted out forever.

  3. I have all set uped Aadhar linking to LPG & Bank. But the problem is, I want to change my bank for receiving subsidy. I have two bank account and I am receiving subsidy in one account but I want to receive it in another account. How Can i change my Bank Account?

    Well, I can see that, there is no reply to any of above comment. Still hoping to get suggestion from you.

    Neha Ahire

  4. I live in Bapatla. I recieved my indane gas cylinder on Dec 5th 2014.So far the subsidy amount has not been credited into my account Long back my account got linked with aadhar no. I went to outlet where I came to know It got linked.I was advied to go to bank and get it linked again. I went there and met the Manager of the bank got it linked again. Even then I didn’t receive the amount.I don’t know who was responsible for it.Above all I dare not book the cylinder and buy one more. Please guide me and help me sir.

  5. Let the price of cooking gas in India be reduced to the price according to the international price of oil and natural gas, which is below the present subsidy levels, let the government do this immediately else let it be removed. Let the bank account and aadhar card be discarded completely, as there is no subsidy component from the government based on international prices of oil and natural gas. Let this government which does not provide any subsidy according to international prices of oil and natural gas stop harassing the people. Let any government that continues anti-people like this activity be removed. Let the LPG subsidy not haunt consumers anymore, as there is no more subsidy according to the international price of oil and natural gas.

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