A letter to Nitin Gadkari from a harassed commuter

Touts stopping non-KA registered vehicles opposite Kadugodi police station on June 8th 2015. Pic: Waseem Memon


Dear Sir,

At the outset, let me express my sincerest thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet me in Nagpur on May 17th 2015. You gave me a patient hearing and assured me that my concerns with regards to freedom of movement of motor vehicles across all states, shall be addressed in the New Motor Vehicles Bill to be tabled soon in the Parliament.

While we may still be able to Drive Without Borders across states, I believe we may need to add Republic of Karnataka (RoK) as a signatory to the Motor Vehicles Pact inked recently amongst Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The BBIN pact needs to be expanded to BBINRoK pact.

As a citizen of Republic of Karnataka, I am forced to reach out to you because the Government of the Republic of Karnataka does not seem to want vehicles from the Union of India to ply in their Republic. I am not very well-versed in diplomatic relations between the Union of India and the Republic of Karnataka. I only hope that your good office would be able to negotiate a pact with the Republic, enabling vehicles from the Union of India to ply in the Republic of Karnataka without fear of being clamped down upon by over-zealous RTO officials.

Thanking you.


An aggrieved citizen from the Republic of Karnataka

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  1. Please don’t trouble the ministers, they have to deal with so many problems, a commuter’s plea is the last thing on their mind. Plus, you made an error: It is Republic of the Corrupt, not Republic of Karnataka.

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