A committee to manage BBMP’s finances

Did you know that there are committees in BBMP to decide the budgeting and requirements related to various issues of Bengaluru’s governance? These committees came into existence after the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Amendment Bill – 2010 was approved.

A gazette notification by Karnataka government dated July 30, 2010 mandated that the BBMP should have 12 standing committees to cover various aspects of city governance. Each has a clearly defined role and responsibility.

Standing Committee for Taxation and Finance: This deals with all matters relating to finance and taxation and all other matters not specifically assigned to any other standing committee.

Standing Committee for Public Health: This deals with all issues ­relating to public health.

Standing Committee for Town Planning and Improvement: This committee deals with all issues relating to town planning and improvement.

Standing Committee for Major Public Works: This committee deals with all major works in the jurisdiction of BBMP like flyovers, underpasses, subways, road widening, ring roads, elevated roads and all related works, including land acquisition.

Standing Committee for Ward Level Public Works: This deals with public streets and associated issues including street lighting, but excluding major works described above.

Standing Committee for Accounts: Everything related to accounts and audit is this committee’s responsibility.

Standing Committee for Education: This deals with all issues relating to pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary education, including physical education and sports.

Standing Committee for Social justice and Welfare: Everything related to securing the social justice to persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections of the society and women is dealt by this committee.

Standing Committee for Appeal: Everything related to appeals is dealt by this committee.

Standing Committee for Horticulture: This committee deals with everything related to horticulture in BBMP limits.

Standing Committee for Market: This committee deals with everything related to markets in BBMP limits.

Standing Committee for Establishment and Administration Reforms: This committee addresses issues related to staff and administrative reforms.

Every standing committee should have 11 corporators as members. One of them would be the chairman. Each standing committee has its own role. Citizen Matters compiles the details of each committee with the names and contacts of current members.

Standing Committee on Tax and Finance

This is a major standing committee in BBMP which has a say in almost all financial matters of BBMP, including preparing the budget. It is assigned with the job of recovering tax and penalties from residential and commercial properties as required.

The committee inspects every zone and informs the BBMP council and Commissioner of where the budget has been spent, where money needs to be invested, where money has not been well-utilised and whether BBMP has sufficient funds or not.

The committee prepares the budget and sends it to the Commissioner and Mayor for approval. The final budget is presented only after the committee approves. Further, BBMP Commissioner, before releasing or sanctioning funds for any project, consults the committee.

This committee has the powers to take punitive action against violators. They can impose penalty on people if taxes are not paid in time. The committee has the authority to decide the amount of penalty to be levied.

People can complain to the committee office, if they have any grievances.

Names and contact numbers of all the members of this committee are listed below.


Ward number/ name


Office number



Dr M S Shivaprasad (Chairperson)

35 – Aramane Nagara


M E Pillappa

10 – Doddabommasandra


Smt Veena Nagaraj

198 – Hemmigepura


Ganagadhar H N

70 – Rajagopala Pura


B S Anand

157 – Gali Anjaneya Temple


Krishna V

134 – Bapujinagar


Sampath Raj R

47 – Devarajeevana Halli


Govindaraju N

46 – Jayachamarajendra Nagar


R Uday Kumar

90- Halsoor


Smt Sarala

114 – Agaram


C S Radhakrishna

137 – Rayapuram



All the numbers are taken from BBMP website. If you find that any of these numbers are not working, do drop a comment, we will follow it up.

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