Blogathon in April

Friends, Bloggers, Citizens, and others.

This April, bloggers in the nation will unite for a seven-day blogging epic to get together and voice our concern, opinion and solutions to matters of social importance that India faces every day. One week where we, as responsible citizens, take time out of our daily lives to address issues of social importance using our favourite mode of expression – the blogs. A week where India got together with the rest of blogosphere, and blogged. Unveiling Blogathon India, coming to the Indian blogosphere in April, 2008. Get the word out and be part of something really special, and show you care!

When: April 20-26, 2008
Where: Cyberspace
Participate: Blog, read, comment, understand, express

More details at

Every day, over a million bloggers in various cities in India post their opinions and thoughts, sharing their experiences with one another. Like the name suggests, Blogathon India is an event where these bloggers can get together and raise their concerns, ideas and suggestions on different social issues through the medium we all love: blogs.

Blogathon India is a creation from the desire to:

  • Instill a mass awakening amongst citizens and bloggers alike towards issues of social importance that affect our day to day lives.
  • Building an interesting and close-knit community of bloggers to learn, share and socialize with a larger purpose.
  • Motivate NGOs and other experts to embrace the net and start blogging with their invaluable ideas.
  • To provide a platform for thought leadership for ideas to emerge, to get discussed, improved and implemented.
  • Introduce citizens to blogging and help them to adopt Blogging platforms and tools to express their views.
  • Encourage people to blog in regional languages including Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali among others.

So what can one expect at

  • A wide range of quality opinions expressed freely by the Blogosphere
  • A chain of discussions involving citizens and experts from different walks of life
  • A nationwide sense of development citizen-journalism over a week
  • An opportunity to socialise with bloggers, students, senior citizens, experts and other people who show active interest in the topics discussed
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