A musical terrace

The Carnatic classical music scene in Bengaluru is active with many mellifluous spots spread all over the city. One such small venue is the residence of Raviprakash HK. A consultant print engineer by profession, his busy life limited his time for music. When Ravi was building his house at Basavanagudi, an idea stuck him; why not have a dedicated place for young upcoming musicians to perform? So he went ahead and constructed a single room with tiled roof on his terrace for this exclusive purpose.

Latest concert at the music terrace

Latest concert at the music terrace (Pic: Raviprakash)

Raviprakash’s wife Anuradha explains “When we were small, my grandparents’ home at Chennai would have similar gatherings. This idea appealed to us very much and we implemented it while constructing our home.” Their terrace has a room which covers about one-third terrace area. The room itself has a rustic charm with its tiled roof, antique wooden door and pillar, red-oxide floor and pencil sketches of Carnatic musicians – from Semmangudi to Nityashree Mahadevan. Potted-palms and other plants add to the ambience. The homely setting appeals to all those who attend the sessions. The performing artist and an audience of around 30 can be accommodated inside the room. The rest of the terrace can accommodate about 35 chairs.

About a year ago, the music at Raviprakash’s residence began with a Veena concert, the artist being a close relative. Thus, the couple started hosting concerts of upcoming professionals in their own circle. The audience usually comprises family and friends. “All our concerts have full attendance. People who walk in late will even sit on the steps of the staircase,” Anuradha says. They have a regular technician who makes audio arrangements. “We wanted to imbibe this interest in music in our children too, hence this effort,” says Raviprakash with zeal. The couple have two daughters aged 8 and 5 years.

Raviprakash HK
Samanvaya Kala Kendra
# 50, E.A.T. Street, Basavanagudi
Bangalore – 560 004. Ph: 26674595
E-mail: reachravi68 [at] yahoo [dot] com

The music room is used for conducting classes during non-concert days. The room is given to a full time music teacher who teaches Carnatic vocal and keyboard. The two children also get trained here.

The couple’s love for music is evident in the arrangements and attention to details. Each guest is warmly welcomed. At the end of the concert, Raviprakash and Anuradha have a light snack ready for everyone. “We try to have one concert on the third Saturday of every month. Sometimes due to artist unavailability or other inconveniences, it doesn’t happen.” Interested friends and relatives are informed by phone or email.

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