Property tax calculations for apartment owners

Here is a spreadsheet for calculating tax payable for self occupied/tenanted apartments that gives you step by step calculation for entry in the appropriate columns in the application form once you fill up the basic data needed.

Click here to download the MS Excel spreadsheet tool with calculations for property tax for 2008-2009 for apartments.

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  1. It has two tabs …one for self occupied and the other for tenant occupied.
  2. Rows 11 to 16 (highlighted in yellow) are for data entries. Insert appropriate values in column B.
  3. Refer to hand book, area help center or website to find out the zone and unit area values and the value for depreciation as per the year of construction.
  4. Rows 19 to 35 gives you the calculated values which you can enter in the appropriate column in the Application Form .
  5. If the apartment is partly rented and partly self occupied in the year, fill the application form with proportional values. The values have to be calculated manually based on the values in the tables.
  6. Follow the general guidelines in this article.

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  1. for new apartment purchased what is the sales tax and vat applicable for banglore city properties?

  2. For new apartments purchased and yet to be registered, what are the latest stamp duty and registration charges applicable for Bangalore City properties. The CM of Karnataka had announced a reduction of 1.5 % in S.D but there was confusion later. What is the latest accurate stand of now and can we expect a reduction ?

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