It was a dark and rainy night

5 PM at commercial street. Little drizzle. Cool wind blowing by. It was a weather that every Indian wishes for. No matter what mood you are in, this weather will just lift your moods. I was in high spirits and would have said ‘yes’ to climb Mt. Everest of asked to now.

I was there with a couple of my friends enjoying the weather. By 6 pm, the drizzle turned into a small shower and people were running for shelter. We decided to call it a day and head back home.

To my surprise I couldn’t find a single Auto nearby. We sarted walking to an autostand nearby. The first guy we met asked us 200 Rs from Commercial Street to Forum Mall. I just didn’t listen to what he was saying and thought that guy was perhaps drunk or something. After half an hour of bargaining with a couple of more autowallas , I managed to get it down to Rs. 150. Still determined to catch an auto with normal fare, we started wakling towards MG road.

All the way all I received was varying ranges of Rs.140 to 200 for a 5 km ride. I couldn’t belive that we Bangaloreans were exploited like this by our own people. By the time I reached MG Road at around 8 pm, the rain had started playing the spoilsport and the autos started playing their game plan. I couldn’t find one auto below 100 for a fare which costs 40 Rs.

At first I was shocked and angry. I couldn’t say anything nor complain to the police. Autowallas have their own way and they usually find a ‘bakra’ or two to make their day.

First they go on strike over their fares and then openly do business which is no less than what Verappan used to do! And we Indians still adjust and don’t raise our voices. That day I walked all the way back to my place in Adugudi and reached by 9.30 pm, completely drenched. What do I say.

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