Politicians want power, children need electricity for their future

All our politicians in the state are now busy mustering POWER to rule us, with promises. On the contrary, there is untimely load shedding ( especially in the evenings between 6 PM to 11 PM and early mornings 5 AM to 7 AM).

This has caused problems to exam going children. They have to revise the syllabus of the entire year. Although, the government provides mid-day meals,free books and other facilities, the students cannot revise in the last few hours before the exam. What would be the impact on the psychology of the children?

We hope our government and energy department would look into this matter and see that there is NO LOAD SHEDDING IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS DURING LATE EVENINGS AND EARLY MORNINGS TILL THE EXAMINATIONS ARE OVER.

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About N Mukund 18 Articles
N Mukund is member, executive committee, Jayanagar 5th Block Residents Welfare Association.