Fearless Karnataka/Nirbhaya Karnataka: events for the 8th of March

Moodbidri, Feb 19, 2009. Moral police attack a 15 year old girl, Ashwini Moole. Her crime: Talking to a Muslim male friend. The girl commits suicide. 

Bangalore, Feb 24, 2009, time: 9.30pm, Lakshmi who was walking on the road is roughed up by four men who later try to pull her out of an auto as she attempts to escape. 

Bangalore Feb 28, 3009. Journalist Sanjana, whose bike broke down, was hailing an auto at 10:30 p.m. when two men on a bike punch her.

What does our Bangalore Police Commissioner have to say about these incidents? ‘Bangaloreans are cultured. They would not tolerate even being witness to such acts let alone attack’!

In the name of culture and moral policing attacks on women have been increasing in public spaces. What message are these acts of violence against women trying to convey? That public spaces are not meant for women? That women can expect to be punished for simply being in public spaces? Our law enforcement officers seem to turn a blind eye to such violence consequently shirking their responsibility to protect the life and liberty of every individual. A greater tragedy is how the general public often chooses to remain mute spectators to such acts of violence committed right in front of them. This points to a terrible future for women in our society. Any conscientious and law abiding citizen will surely not tolerate such vandalism and brazen behavior! 

The Indian Constitution has granted equal rights for women. It is imperative to raise our voices against escalating violence. In the light of this, Fearless Karnataka was born. It brings together people and organizations conscious of their societal and moral commitments. In order to institute and propagate equal rights for women in public spaces we have organized interventions and events on the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8. 

Join us to intervene in the neighbourhoods where these attacks took place. Pick a neighbourhood and call the coordinator for location details. Volunteers will hand out testimonials; engage with the public in discussion examining how we can act against violence (bystander ‘polls’ have been made and printed already to trigger discussion); drive people to the street theatre performances by Maraa in the Indiranagar, Ulsoor locations.

 TIME: 6.p.m. to 8 p.m.

LOCATION ONE: Vasanthnagar at the junction of Millers Road and 1st main Road, Vasanthnagar.

LOCATION TWO: Cunningham Road opposite Sigma Mall.

LOCATION THREE: CMH Road, Coffee Day junction opposite Kartik chaat hous 

LOCATION FOUR: Ulsoor near police station

LOCATION FIVE: Rest House Road, near Pecos, off Brigade Road

TIME 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. 

Take Back The Night – a celebration of the night, an affirmation of our right to move freely without threat and fear of violence. With performances, video projections, music and movement at:

Banappa Park

(District Office Road, off Hudson Circle, very close to Halasuru Gate Police Station).

Please feel free to bring food and refreshment and do bring one garment that you were wearing when you were violated on the street, for the Blank Noise clothes exhibit to be launched at the venue, seeking to defy the notion that women ‘ask for it’ by dressing in certain ways.

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