Make the service road servicable

Our ring roads have been functioning for quite a while. Why can’t the service roads be made motorable too. A few places where it can be used is in a bad shape. I think our city fathers and authorities should ride these roads and see the inconvenience it causes to the public.

The city buses are the terrorists of our city – why do the police not check them and book them for the offences which happen right in front of them. Are they scared of the bus drivers? Unless these public bus drivers follow the traffic rules, the chaos on our roads cannot be checked. 

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  1. An important attribute to live in a big city is patience. And that is in short supply in this city. It is very clear especially in the traffic scene. The two wheelers are the real problem makers in the city. They are a law unto themselves. They cannot wait for their turn in the traffic. They merrily use footpaths. This is not to exonerate bus drivers. As a pedestrian , I have learnt to be scared of both the buses and the two wheelers. Scared ? I have no choice but to use that word !

  2. City Buses carry 42% of the commuters. They are life savers of the city and not terrorists as Mrs Machado writes. She should be more decent in her expressions. The real terrorists are cars and two wheelers who do not follow any rules. Car owners act as if they own the roads of this city.

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