Carnatic music concert in the cinemas

The December Music Season is considered to be a prestigious event much like its counterpart in the north, the "Saptak Music Festival’. A setting which boasts of the best of the performers to the best of the rasikas leaves no stone unturned to create the best of the ambience.

The annual event held at the carnatic music capital of India, Chennai, draws huge crowds from the world over. Chennai, often considered as the elder cousin of Bangalore, brings in its elements to make a formidable pair with its younger tech city to entertain millions in a variety of spheres.

The month long music festival entwains the month of December in the mystique of the musical notes or the saptaswaras. Besides the traditional kutcheris (a term for concerts) in the sabhas (venues which promote culture and arts), this seasons refreshingly brings a whole new offering.

A new dimension in the form of "a theatrical outlook to music". Well, imagine a full fledged Carnatic concert in a 3D Surround DTS cinema hall! Indeed, let’s overcome all the uhhs & aahs to touch base with some reality. How can Carnatic Music be left behind in the era of globalisation to reach out to the masses ?? When I stumbled upon articles over the net about this concept, i was pleasantly surprised to witness an art, which till this day was limited to temple premises and sabhas, finding new frontiers to extend its arm.

Promoted enthusiastically by well known musicians T.M.Krishna (vocalist) and Bombay Jayashri (vocalist) and ably supported by acclaimed accompanists on the violin and percussion generates tremendous excitement amongst the classical music loving fraternity. Christened the "Marghazhi Raagam", a near two concert filmed by well known film technicians raises expectations all the more. Digitally enhanced by audio engineers and shot at the backdrop of a wonderfully designed stage resembling the sets of a Sanjay Bhansali movie with draped curtains swirling as ever puts the whole idea on our "must watch wishlist".

We can expect richness in audio quality to boost listening pleasure. The trailers are out in the Internet to hint at the store that is waiting for its first ever release. Being a purist’s domain,this might well prove to be an attempt to gather a yokel’s attention as well! The response of the traditionalists to such conceptualisation remains to be seem.

I firmly believe in changing with times and do certainly think,this will open up new doors. Kudos to the masters for a VISION WITH A DIFFERENCE. Released on the 18th of December, it is now playing in Chennai, and expect it to be released in Bangalore soon!

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