Right turn, absolutely

I’ve seen them at least in a couple of junctions. One at the Wind Tunnel road junction on Old Airport Road and, the other at the Intel junction on Outer Ring road. Small construction cones neatly lined up along one-car width from the meridian, indicating that if people should turn right, they ought to come in there.

How do they enforce this? At Wind Tunnel road junction, they simply line the cones along the lane and then continue them all the way to the opposite side meridian.

Something like this:

Brilliant idea! Considering that just drawing the line and saying it is right only won’t help. No one is going to listen at all! Of course, this junction is unique since, for people coming on the opposite side, there is no right turn possible, so it can be enforced this way. It cannot be done at all junctions.

At the Intel junction however, there is actually a moderately senior traffic policeman who stands there and makes sure he abuses anyone who crosses the line and tries to take a right. Good for him, I say.

Considering what a nightmare it is, when you have to go straight and you have someone overtake you from the left and cut bang in front of you for a right turn (or even worse, 3/4th of the road filled with people waiting for a right-turn signal, blocking the road for people who have to go straight when they have a green), this is a life-saver. Bangalore’s traffic commissioner seems to be showing some initiative. And a lot of good sense.

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  1. Good observation of an elegant solution to a major traffic problem! Thanks for the positive post Divya!

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