Bangaloreans worried, Mumbai under seige

As the terror attacks and their aftermath play out in Mumbai and on the TV networks, the usual questions are making the rounds in Bengaluru.

Illustration: Sujay Ramiah.

Citizens around the country are going through a mix of reactions. They range from shock to worry to frustration to angst to numbness and to even a desperation to look away and move on.

The attacks have again pointed out how easy it is to plan, penetrate, set up, and launch such offensives in Indian cities. That worry isn’t about to go away soon.

Developments: Prakruthi, a citizens group becoming known for rejuvenating the Cubbon Park bandstand, is inviting people to stand united with Mumbaikars in crisis. They plan to light 500 candles at 6.30 PM on 30th November at the bandstand.

Vimochana, a city-based NGO along with likeminded organisations has planned a public expression of anguish and solidarity at Mahatma Gandhi Statue, MG Road on 29th November, 11 AM to 12 PM. ⊕

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  1. LET US………

    The fanatics are but a handful
    Let them not hold myriads in a fistful
    Let them not desecrate our realms
    Let not their tentacles crush us
    The fanatics are but a handful
    Let us defeat them in their demented schemes
    Let us diffuse their phantasms
    The fanatics are but a handful
    Let our discern eye when somethings amiss
    Let us be wary of stealthiness
    Let us kindle our
    perceptions to any trivial scruples
    Let not the rabid handful prevail
    We have acess to bastions that the guarders have not
    They alone can quell them not
    Come let us all together lend a hand to snuff out the insidious

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