Not a mall, just a simple complex!

Fresh fruits and vegetables

On the market floor, things are fresher than ever.

Before we had malls, we had shopping complexes. And the one at Jayanagar 4th Block was the most popular among them. And it continues to be a great place to shop, especially if you are looking for bargains in Bengaluru.

Set in the heart of the sprawling suburb of Jayanagar, the complex is the hub around which places for shopping and eating continue to evolve.

Meanwhile, the complex thrives without much change. It maintains a careless concrete look which is in sharp contrast to the sterile marble and glass experience of a mall. The vegetable and meat markets retain the madness of a traditional south Karnataka market but are cleaner and less congested. However, most corners of its corridors are decorated with red paan stains, and the place smells of diesel fumes whenever there’s a power cut.

Luckily, the complex retains most of its customers, except for the young who have moved to the new cafes and malls that surround the complex. Meanwhile, the complex is devoid of the bright logos of the 21st century retail brands that give the new malls a standard look.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Probably, it’s a blessing in disguise, because the Jayanagar 4th Block complex continues to retain a charming signature of its own. Here are a few pictures trying to capture the colours of Bangalore’s favourite Complex.

Slide show (all photographs by M S Gopal)

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  1. While slightly chaotic, the complex is still one of the better places for shopping in Bangalore. I hope it remains as it is. Another great thing is that it is open and has fresh air unlike the malls. Thanks for the nice piks.

  2. Thank you Anandita and Vidya.

    Anandita: This was on a Saturday morning. Between 9 and 11am.

    Vidya: Things haven’t changed much. Thankfully. So it is worth a visit.

  3. Cool, Gopal. As always, terrific pix. The last I went to Jayanagar Complex was in ’92 and I just loved the bustle there. You are right about the bargains, I remember we used to be staggered by the almost 50% price slash on things. And the chaat..yum.

    Vidya Sury

  4. Lovely photos, Gopal. I especially like the top views of shops as well as the salon and mannequin pics. What time of day were these taken?

  5. I’ve lived in Jayanagar for the most part and in those days (sigh!)this Market was the closest we could get to the “Bazaars” as described with touches of mystique in books about India by non-Indian authors.

    The best times to visit the market, coming from a veteran stroller, is during Raksha Bandhan(with nearly all stalls stocking Rakhis and gift items), New Years’/Christmas (For Cardboard greetings and papier mache/confetti etc etc. and during the Ganesh Chaturti festival season when the place stocks up on decoration items.

    Lovely pictures Gopal. As always!

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