Truck central, Kalasipalaya

Behind the chaos that people associate the place with, Kalasipalaya is actually a well laid out grid of streets between SJP Road, Kalasipalaya Bus Stand, VV Puram and Double Roads. The location is perfect to cater to the large ‘Market’ area with perishable goods like vegetables and industrial supplies. That’s the reason; you will find the offices and warehouses of every major trucking company in India in Kalasipalaya.

But if you are a trucker, Kalasipalaya provides the perfect pit stop. After a long drive, you have places for the truckers to wash and change. Taste Punjabi food at its dhabbas or original Tamil fare in the many ‘messes’ on Arumugha Mudaliar Street. Kalasipalaya provides every imaginable service to repair and prepare trucks for an onward journey. In fact, you can build an entire truck out of second-hand parts on one single street – H Siddiah Road, which radiates out of Kalasipalaya.

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A severe restriction on truck movement into Central Bangalore during the day has not silenced the hustle and bustle of Kalasipalaya. It continues to be a busy hub for trucks bringing in goods from every corner of India into the ever-expanding Bangalore.

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