Encroached drains dog Bommanahalli

Hongasandra area of the Bommanhalli constituency’s woes doesn’t seem to end. Year after year the rains wreak havoc in the lives of close to 2 lakh people. On 24th October rain has flooded the homes of the people living in around Hongasandra. The breach in the Begur lake was cited as the reason.

The real reason is not just overflowing of the lake, but the encroachment of Rajakaluve, the main storm water drain. More than 2.5 km stretch of this drain has shrunk over the past years, say the locals.

People walking through floods
People walking through floods. Pic: Padmalatha Ravi.

On 25th morning when no officers from BBMP turned up to help them out, the residents took to a rasta roko on Hosur Road for more than 15 minutes. The traffic on the highway was jammed all the way till Hosa Road. The police then came and cleared up the jam. The residents had a minor altercation with them which was later intervened by local MLA Satish Reddy.

People walking through floods
MLA Satish Reddy distributing bun and water. Pic: Padmalatha Ravi.

The first time MLA said he had surveyed the entire area and hence could not get here on time. He said that over 200 houses and buildings had encroached upon the Rajakaluve and government was taking measures to clear them in due course.

It took a lot of persuasion from him to get the BBMP commissioner, S Subramanya to come into the flooded area and survey. He assured the residents some immediate action.

Though water level had receded at the time of this report, further rain could cause more damage.

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