Avoid road rage

I have taken up a project to educate people about "Road Rage". The possibility of this project is to save people’s lives on the road.

campaign against road rage

When two vehicles collide with each other, what is our first reaction? Our first reaction usually tends to be to abuse the other party and the one who is provoked tends to get into a fist fight with the other party which can sometimes be fatal.

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An example of this is of the ex-cricketer Navjoth Singh Siddhu who was involved in a road accident wherein he slapped the other individual who passed away on the spot.

What I wish to convey to people living in the city is that "Treat an accident as an accident and not intentional" because nobody intentionally causes such mishaps where in there is damage done to his vehicle as well as the other person(s). If one can exercise self restraint and control his temper for a split second, one can be saved from a lot of hardship.

In this connection I have sent an sms to 1,50,000 people mostly to parents of students studying in schools across Bangalore which was "Confront accidents with a calm mind as it will bring little but harm."

I have also come up with three hoardings across Bangalore city conveying this message to the citizens of Bangalore (as shown in the pic).

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  1. Hey Hitesh,

    This is a much awaited incentive you have taken.

    The frustration on roads is usually translated into voilence before you even know it. Given Mr.Sood’s disclaimer that there are only 900 policemen for 35 odd lakh vehicles, people have to be educated to handle situations like these.

    If there is anything I can do, Please do shoot a mail across.


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