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MASTER MIND GROUP is a group which meets every week at 5 P.M. at Koramangala club. It is open to members between 35 to 55 years, though we are not rigid about the age. Members discuss their aspirations, goals, doubts etc. about any topic that concerns them – finance, career, relationship, weight loss, etc. It could even be small goals like getting a secretary, cleaning up a cupboard, etc. This is followed by brain storming sessions and feed back sessions. The atmosphere is non-critical and harmonious. Every member takes away something of value each time. The member himself can set up a small goal to achieve in one week, if desired.

Mastermind Group

Vatsala Dhananjay, Organiser at 9845784175.

The group was inspired by the book "Think and grow rich". It believes that great things can be achieved by simply being supported and that more brains means more ideas. Harmony and sharing can bring about great synergy. Members interested in joining can log on to meetup.com and find the mastermind group in Bangalore and join in. The group does need to be small so that members can connect with each other and trust each other.

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