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Our politicians who are elected to office make many decisions that affect our lives — they formulate laws and develop projects. They do this without consulting citizens, and later we citizens are forced to fight those that are unacceptable to us, on the streets and in courts.

Elected representatives plan our cities without proper roads, parking facilities and traffic management leading to pollution and delays in commute.

Increasing crime rate, increase in prices of commodities and lack of professionalism in governance is hampering the development of the state. There is no accountability of our elected representatives nor of our government officers. Many rules and programs which are made by them are not even implemented

Statistically speaking, local elections have the lowest voter turnout especially among the educated class and this is the major cause for the present state of affairs .The local corporation and assembly elections have impact on our everyday life.

We speak of the failure of the political system in offices, hotels, social gatherings and compare our city to other cities, but what are we doing except blaming elected representatives – who are elected even if we don’t vote.

Here is an opportunity for us to express our choice by spending an hour or two by participating in voting the best candidate available of our choice. It is the most critical social task one can do.

We have to vote for a candidate who has a good image and track record, who can devote time in development of his/her constituency, city and the state; who participates actively in legislative debates and truly represents citizens’ views while formulating laws; who does not misuse his office for denotification and converting CA site for his benefit; who does not opt for G Category site and undertake unnecessary foreign trips and one who can provide his report card to his electorate on a regular basis.

We don’t just have a right to vote, we have a responsibility to vote for a better Karnataka.

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