We are proud of slums: Hemachandra Sagar

The leaders we choose are reflective of the kind of society we are. Hemachandra Sagar is an example of one those Bangaloreans who boast of being a local and well-known in Bangalore. However he did not have much to say on the difference he has made as a man in power in the last five years. But it is us who voted for him; I wonder if his flip attitude towards his responsibilities and his arrogance tells us a bit about ourselves too.

Here are the excerpts from the interview: 

What would you highlight as works done by you in your constituency in the last five years?

Mass marriages, helping people get APL/BPL/Aadhar cards. I have also provided essential requirements in areas where people actively scout for the party.

What are the essential requirements that people have requested for in your constituency?

The needs of people change on a daily basis. The party workers attend to their needs as and when required. The requirements are made available when asked for by people.

Hemachandra Sagar Pic: Shamala Kittane

What are the major works that you’ve taken up in your ward?

In Kempegowda ward, Sudhama Nagar and Kuntesirappa garden, residents of slums with thatched roof are now living in concrete buildings. We fixed the traffic problem on K H Road by fixing the drainage opposite Shanthi Nagar bus stop.

I also encourage improving public spaces. Just today (7 March 2013) I and inaugurated ‘human chess’ in K R Park.

How much funds were allocated to carry out all of the works done so far in five years?

My PA will get back with the details in 3-4 days.

What are the cases against you in court?

The land denotification case is pending. All the land actually is the ancestral property that belongs to Yeddyurappa and myself – we rightfully own it and therefore will fight for it.

Why should people vote for you?

We are the best and we perform the best.

Can you please substantiate that with the work done by you?

We do regular patrolling in the area to ensure that the commercial areas in Chikpet are functioning smooth. Chikpet has maximum slums and we are proud of it. We have the poor with us.

Has there been any reduction in the number of slums since you came to power, any improvements?

We have definitely improved the living conditions of people in slums. Like I already mentioned in Kempegowda ward, Sudhama Nagar and Kuntesirappa garden, slums with thatched roof are now living in concrete buildings.

Outline your plans for the 4-crore KLADS funds allocated.

The funds are in the pipeline and not yet allocated. We plan to provide water through borewells, tankers to people in summer. Chikpet area has many concrete roads, so repairing water pipes here will be included in the works.

But the project of fixing leaks is already undertaken by L&T so why would you need funds allocated to your constituency to go towards this?

It is not fund allocation but my party will closely monitor the work and ensure that it is properly done and completed on time.

I took a pic of his. No more questions asked.

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  1. Instead of encouraging slums, these slums can be converted into model apartments with JNNURM funds as is being done by few states, so that the standard of living will improve.Even in srirampura there are slums existing for the last 50 years no improvement at all. Govt. authorities should visit the model of the JNNURM funds utilisation to make apartments on a mutually agreed terms.

  2. Combination of a godfather, mafioso, slum-lord – nothing beyond. Democracy and he are poles apart.

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