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Karnataka Election Watch (KEW) today announced the launch of a smart phone app for citizens of Karnataka called KEW CRAMAT (Karnataka Election Watch -Citizens’ Reporting and Mapping Tool). This app can be installed free of cost on any android based smart phone by downloading it from Internet.

This the first time it is being used in India or perhaps anywhere in the world for elections. By using this app citizen can send pictures and exact locations of any election related complaints or reports any where in the state like Illegal Posters, hoardings, liquor distribution, cash distribution, misuse of official vehicles etc. KEW will scrutinize and forward the complaints to Election observers and the Election Commission for further action. This data will not only help in keeping a watch on illegal ways of influencing voters but will also help in collecting evidence of actual electoral expenditure done by the candidates.

Voters have the option of either providing their email and mobile numbers or of sending their complaints without disclosing their identity. In either case, the identity will not be made public or forwarded to any authorities to protect voters. For those users who do share their identity, the system will give them feedback on progress of their complaint. Voters can get details from which will also answer queries on this app. Voters without the android application are also encouraged to send in photos and documents/complaints to

The application harnesses the power of technologies that are available in today’s smart phones like digital cameras, Global Positioning System, Google Maps and wireless Internet which have all been put together in this app.  Citizens can easily inform KEW about a problem with details including photos, accurate location on the maps and time in just a couple of clicks. They can also select the category of complaint from eight different categories and can also type a brief description of the problem. The app then automatically uploads this data to KEW server via internet and the citizen gets an instant email and sms with a reference number. The application automatically keeps complainant informed via sms and email by sending updates when KEW forwards the complaint to election observers or other authorities.

The eight categories under which the complaints or reports can be filed are

  • Media Advertising
  • Posters and Hoardings
  • Liquor or Drugs Distribution
  • Cash, Gifts or Coupons Distribution
  • Election Rally
  • Misuse of Official Vehicles
  • Non Deposit of Firearms
  • Others

How to Install:

The application is available for download on Google Play Store .

  1. Open Play Store in your phone and search for “KEW CRAMAT”.
  2. lick Install button to install it on the android tab or phone.

How to Use:

Once the app is successfully installed, Start the app and register your self by entering your email id, cell phone number and password. You need to do this step only the first time. Once registered, login using your email id and password. Once logged in you can start sending report.

To send complaint:

  1. Click “Add” Icon (Camera Starts)
  2. Click red Camera Icon to capture picture.
  3. Select Category of the complaint
  4. Add a brief description if required.
  5. Finally, Submit

Technology Details:

Smartphones:-  Android based smart phones will be able to install and use this application. Android is the most dominant operating system in the market so this application will be available to a high number of citizens. It is compatible with most models of Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and any other brand running android.

GPS:- Global Positioning System is a satellite based technology of US Air Force which uses 31 satellites. USAF provides this service free of cost to any device that has a GPS receiver. All smart phones come with GPS receivers built in.

Google Maps:- To be used with this application to show exact location provided by GPS on a map.

Internet:- To upload pictures and data on the KEW Server.

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