Pay Property Tax for the year 2013-14

It is that time of year when we have to pay the property tax for the current year. There are two different types – White (Form IV) in bilingual, and Blue (Form V)

For the properties, where there is no change in any field – either in category (residential / non-residential), dimensions (any addition / deletion to the structure) or usage (tenanted / self-occupied) one has to use the white form (Form.IV). Unlike previous years, the Form IV has already reached all the help centres this time.

Pic: Shreyas B K

The block period for this term came to an end officially last year. But for our luck, an unofficial extension has been granted for one more year, though there was a proposal to adopt a new zonal classification of areas without change in the tariff.

This year you find a new column on the top left hand side of the application for entering the PID number, the official identity of your property. You have to write both old and new PID numbers. The old PID number is available, entered by you on your previous year’s application. The new PID number is available in the receipt issued against your payment printed in bold letters under the column ‘New PID No.’


  • 5 % rebate is not applicable on SWM Cess.
  • Payment below Rs.1000/- (Including SWM cess) can be paid by cash. There is a relief in the issue of RECEIPTS FOR CHEQUE PAYMENT, if the amount does not exceed Rs.10000/-. It will be issued immediately and for amounts exceeding Rs.10001/-, it will be issued only after realisation of the cheque (takes up to one month), but acknowledgement will be given immediately. You can also obtain the receipt by submitting the copy of the bank statement or pass book with the debit entry of the cheque through which payment has been made.

Keep handy the photo copies of form I / II / III (Submitted for the year 2008-09), form IV (Submitted for the year 2012-13) OR the forms submitted for revision, if any and the relevant receipts.

Part I

Enter the personal details in Part I as you did last year. Column 4 has been clubbed with column 3 this time. There is a new information – the number of electricity and water connections sought – under column 4. Information on having a bore well at your property has also been sought this year. Fill in the RR Nos. of both the installations, i.e, both electricity meter and water meter numbers.. If you have multiple installations, fill in just one. Regarding the bore well, you just have to tick the relevant box.

In case of apartments / flats where there is only one water installation, all the returns will have to mention the same installation number.

Enter the ward number and name of the ward as filled in the form for 2012-13.

Part II

On Part II, fill the details of the tax paid according to the year 2012-13 with receipt number and date of payment, in column 08 (a-e). If revised submission has been done, fill according to it.

If you are paying tax during the 5% rebate period, i.e, up to 30-04-13, fill column 09 and draw a line across column 10. However, request for extension of this is underway, which might be considered favourably. If you are paying after the rebate period or in instalments, fill details in column 10 and draw a line across column 09.

Now coming to the section ‘Solid Waste Management Cess’, write your application number on boxes provided on right hand top, and Part 1 consisting of property details as furnished in Form IV, part I (Page 1), with the new PID no.

Refer to your form of 2008-09 (Column 6) or revised one, if any, to the column of ‘BUILT-UP AREA’ and various uses, and fill in accordingly, on ‘ PLINTH AREA’ column.

Refer to the tariff on page no.2 (reverse of the form – unchanged) and fill in the ‘RATE PER MONTH’ column.

Accordingly, calculate the area multiplied by rate multiplied by 12 / 06 for FULL / HALF year and enter in the ‘SWM CESS PAYABLE” column. (Note: The total column refers only to the area and cess amount)

Coming to PAYMENT PARTICULARS on page 2 of form IV, fill in the cheque details, if paid by cheque, If paid by credit or debit card, fill the details of card and the amount of Property tax + SWM cess separately and the total of the two in the respective columns and affix your signature.

Fill in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, on page 4 with the single amount (not as filled on page 2). Staple the SWM cess form to the first sheet of form IV and present it at your respective collection center.

To use the online payment system, please log on to http// and follow instructions appearing there.

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  1. Dear D R Prakash

    Once the assessment year has been selected all I am getting is read only options there is no option only to pay online for the same. At the end all I am getting is save and a direction saying self assessment is complete

  2. Dear Mr.GK Vishwanath,

    Payment through either Debit OR Credit card is the same online. One have to procure OTP (One Time Password) from the card issuer, which is valid only for a few minutes. Behind the card, below the magnetic strip (The place meant for signing) you will find a THREE digit figure, which has to be entered first in the space provided. For further instructions, follow the dialogue box instructions.


  3. Dear VSJ & Dr.RV,

    You people are lucky to get through the process. But everyone is not that lucky enough with BBMP system.

  4. Hi Subramanyam,
    I have paid my property tax online and i do not have new PID number for my flat. It is accepting the 2012-13 application reference number (Do’nt know if it is same as PID) and was able to pay it easily. Try entering previous year’s application no and fetch teh details and pay it off.

  5. I tried to pay the property tax for the year 2013-14 online but couldnot understand how to use a debit card. Will some one help me out.

  6. I paid on line and did not face any problem. I find the PID no appearing this year is the same as last year and when I locate the property for the PID no, it is clearly showing the location with the address appearing at the location in the google map.

  7. Dear Mr.Subramanyam Sridharan,

    You might have come across my previous year replies, which clearly state that, the system (S/W) adopted by Govt. will be defective and it is a pity that we live in INDIA.

    You can get some friends OR relatives to do the work manually for you OR to an agent who will do it for a service charge. Many from outstations are adopting the same to avoid all complications.


  8. I am trying to pay through BBMP’s online as I have done in the last three years. However, the new PID number (from my 2012-2013 property tax receipt) is not accepted by the web page. In fact, it truncates the last two characters (there is not enough space and I have tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer) and then complains the PID Number is incorrect. Since I am out of the country, I am left helpless. It has never been a smooth online payment facility as one has to always struggle for something or the other every year.

  9. Hi ,

    When I am paying the property tax thru online , there is no way to enter the NEW PID number (it is a Read only field), So I think New PID number is not mandatory for paying the current year property Tax .

    Also BBMP website does not show the NEW PID no for my property .


  10. Dear Mr.Shankar,

    You are referring to payment online. Forget what it shows, as there are snags in the E-system. Please remember we are living in INDIA.

    Please fill in form IV and pay your taxes, as the amount it shows is correct. There is no need to go to form V now.

    Later you can write to the commissioner regarding this OR once for all make the payment by physical method.


  11. Dear Mr.Praveen,

    As for my knowledge goes, the process is complete and should have been allotted and should be available.

    But if it is as you say, please forward me the full details of your property and the copies of your returns & receipts to get a clarification, if need be from the particular department & will inform you as to how to go about it.

    Please wait till then to pay your tax, but definitely before 30th to avail 5% rebate.

    Thanks for your approach,


  12. Dear Mr.S.Srinivasan,

    Please refer to the guidelines published periodically in the same site.

    Your tax returns does not require any documented proofs.


  13. Dear Mr.V S JAYARAMAN,

    I appreciate your social responsibility and concern for co-people.

    May your tribe grow.


  14. Dear SRA,

    I do not get exactly what you require. There are only TWO forms for the subsequent tax payers, Form IV (White) & V (Blue).

    Only in the year 2008-09, FOUR forms were there for different types of properties, which please refer to the guide of 2008-09.

    Thanks for your approach.


  15. Dear Debashis Ghosh,

    I’m not sure whether it has reached the help centres OR not. But its absolutely the same as it was for the previous year with the additional column for the details of Electricity, Water & Borewell information.


  16. Dear all Readers,

    As I find a snag in the automatic system, please send a mail to me directly to the following ID for an early and prompt reply.

    Thanking you with regrets for the delay in responding. Definitely I’m not ignoring any of you / your queries.

    I remain,
    D.R.Prakash, Author.
    11 04 13.

  17. Dear Mr. Prakash,
    My previous year receipt has New PID field empty. I also checked on BBMP Website for New PID (GIS based new PID), it doesn’t show New PID. I think New PID has not been allotted to everyone. Is this mandatory to put in this year form? If so, what’s the process to get one?


  18. Please give guidance to those who are filling tax form for the first time and what documents are needed.

  19. Sir,

    The nature of occupancy changed (from tenanted to owner) for my property in 2011. So I used ‘Form V’ to file the tax last year. There is no change this year, so I am trying to use ‘Form IV’. All the details are copied automatically from the previous receipt and this is correct. However, the nature of occupancy still remains as ‘tenanted’ and I am not able to change it.

    So should I use ‘Form V’ again this time or shall I use ‘Form IV’ with the occupancy as ‘tenanted’ and pay the correct amount?


  20. Dear sir,

    There was change in occupancy type (tenanted to owner) in 2011, so I used ‘Form V’ last year. There is no change this year and I am trying to use ‘Form IV’. All the details are automatically copied from last year’s data and this is correct. However, ‘Form IV’ still shows the nature of occupancy as ‘tenanted’ and I am not able to change it.

    So should I be using ‘Form V’ again this year or is it fine to use ‘Form IV’ but with the occupancy type as ‘tenanted’?


  21. Thanks for the details.It is put up in our Apartment notice board to help all other residents.
    Best regards,
    vs jayaraman.

  22. Thaks a ton Prakash for the wealthy words to pay the property tax online and end the greasing of hands to the tax inspector to pay our taxes.

    Any info on the different color of forms used to pay taxes?

    (Son in Law of your close friend Shankar).

  23. Hello Prakash,
    Thanks a ton for the step by step procedure to pay the property tax and we to stop greasing the hands of the tax inspectors. I also found that their are various forms in terms of colors. What are they meant for??

    (Son in law of your close friend Shankar).

  24. Thanks a lot Mr. Prakash for your write up. Have shared it on my a/c on FB.

    Any news regarding the Blue Form (V), which I presume is the one to be used for changes in land use ??


    Debashis Ghosh

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