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  1. What is are mr mla doing ?There is a hill of garbage next to bangalore hospital and a stench is created because of that. Along with it garbage trucks stand along with them.there a lot mosquitoes breeding because of that.no one sweeps the road frequently [EDITED AS PER COMMENT POLICY]

  2. Mr. MLA congratulations for coming as winner. People of the contituency have reposed trust on you and have thrusted more responsibilities. We the citizens would expect delivery in action not as melodrama of political ralies. Let us experience your leadership that can be trusted without any inequitable attention. You would have experienced the hardship during your campaign due to the ill maintained road. These roads have gone unnoticed for most part of the last 5 years, can we expect better actions this time. Our only suggestion to you would be to come out of the partisan approach to problem solving, as the benefits and service should percolate to every citizen of the constituency.

  3. I would like to say that though Mr. Vijaykumar represents the constituency but his support is highly fragmented. Without exaggeration please visit any street between the swagath main road (30th Cross) to Jayangar hospital main road ( 32nd Cross) and see the contribution. I wish among the many citizens that we dont see repitition of the last election results and we see some person with a character of public service and not biased as the current one

  4. Mr.Vijayakumar is one of the few MLA we have as a classic example of an excellent person.

    I have not seen such a wonderful MLA in my life . I have been a voter for the past 4 decades and he is the best I have seen.

    I pray that the tribe of Mr.Vijayakumar increase.

    I have no party affiliation and my opinion on Vijayakumar is purely basing on his commitment to public.

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