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  1. Mr.Raghu

    We have an issue with the Garbage being Dumped on the Road,The BDA LAYOUT OF Kodihalli 15th main,
    5th,6th and 7 th cross have access to this only Road which is filled with GARBAGE on one side and the other side being occupied by slums with 7-10 small sheds with people and business sheds put up illegally.

    I Have been seeing your neat work in our Constituency but these kind of issues being not addressed by your counselor from our Kodihalli locality will Put BGP in the BACKFOOT.

    I sincerely hope, you Address this issue ASAP.

    Kodihallli residents

  2. Dear sir, In the evening between 5.30 and 7.30 it is very difficult to get a bus from Tippasandra to CV Raman nagar as most buses are diverted to provide services to LRDE and BTP. It is my suggestion that buses can at least come into DRDO for the two stops (Airplane and ESI Dispensary) turn inside DRDO itself and proceed to BTP or LRDE. That way DRDO plus Nagavarapalaya will be served. Currently only bus No 314 A comes through at that time and it is very crowded. Anand, senior citizen

  3. Dear Raghu Sir,

    You have done an wonderful work of creating a pathway for pedestrians, in Mallespalaya Main road which is one amongst many such good deeds done to the civilians of your entire ward.

    While all the citizens of this area are very appreciative and grateful to you, it is NOT clear to us, why those few shop keepers such as the ‘Welding Shops’ and Food Market ‘MORE’ are permitted to occupy the pedestrians footpath.

    All pedestrians who use the footpath, have to step down to the road and get back on it when it comes to passing these few shops. It’s a high risk, when stepping down for the BLOCKED pathway, any two wheeler could hit the pedestrians.

    It appears either they have special permissions to use it for their business or they have an upper hand over everyone and NO ONE can get them to keep the footpath clear.

    All such good deeds will be effective only when consistently and continoulsy the benefits are derived.

    I sincerely hope, you can certainly do something to those shops who occupies the footpath to do their work are asked to keep the footpath clear for pedestrians.

    Thanking you.
    A senior citizen.

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