A treat for art lovers

It’s the most awaited year of the day for art enthusiasts in Bangalore, a day our friends and we look forward to every year and plan ahead for. And just as we have done for four of the last five years, this year, too, we were at the Chitra Santhe exhibition organized by and held at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath on Sunday, January 27th.

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Chitra Santhe 2013, Pic: Rudreshwar Sen

Most of our friends go for this event with their spouses; art being something that’s going to stare back at you every day of your life, it’s important to have both halves agree to any purchases. Children, most of them in their early teens now, do not always accompany us, but I am sure given a few more years, that will change.

Chitra Santhe 2013, Pic: Rudreshwar Sen

While all of us have bought a large number of paintings from the fair and have got amazing deals, it is not as much about the purchases or deals as it is about browsing and participating in our city’s buzzing art event. Unless some urgent social or personal commitment constrains us, we do not miss the opportunity of visiting and meeting the artists who come from all over the country to showcase their work at this annual exhibition. Some artists have become friends and we exchange emails occasionally. Various artists that I have noticed at galleries were present at the Santhe this year.

Chitra Santhe 2013, Pic: Rudreshwar Sen

Most cities have their events around art: Kolkata has the CIMA art exhibition/sale, Delhi has the Art Summit, this is our very own. One hopes it evolves into something big, but we love it just the way it is.

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