Sapaad Brigade: Adventures in food

Sapaad brigade is a group of food enthusiasts that gather at Koshy’s restaurant on St. Mark’s road, every Thursday at 1 PM. After the group has gathered, they go visit one pre-selected restaurant which is well known for its food. Usually the restaurants selected are low cost, and relatively obscure.

One person from the Sapaad Brigade group is selected to scout for such places and the final list is discussed within the group. By Thursday, a consensus is arrived at, and they spend the afternoon wining and dining at the selected restaurant.

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The group comprises of non-vegetarians and vegetarians. However, the former has the majority, and usually have a choice in selecting the place!

Discover a little bit of Bangalore’s military hotels in this audio programme and about their heritage too.

The Sapaad Brigade’s motto is One for All, and All for Fun!


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  1. pls give me the list (or a few names) of restaurants u hv visited and items u hv tasted fm there with prices.
    tks in advance.

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