Vangpui Kut brings message of peace, love and unity

The Bangalore Mizo Association, an association formed by Mizo’s living in Bangalore, celebrated Vangpui Kut. The festival was held to spread the message of peace, unity and friendship among all communities living in Bangalore. Vangpui Kut has been a regular feature in Bangalore and it is only this year that the organisers have made an attempt to open its doors to friends, colleagues and well wishers from other communities in Bangalore, keeping in mind the recent crisis that had caused a massive exodus of North Easterns from Bangalore.

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Mizo dancers performing Cheraw, a traditional bamboo dance. Pic courtesy: Trigam Mukherjee

The evening was set in the presence of political leaders from Karnataka and Mizoram who presided over a cultural exchange evening. Performances from Dollu Kunitha and Veeragase from Karnataka and Boomarang-a popular rock band and Mizoram Cultural Troupe kept the audience engrossed throughout the evening.

Shri Govind M Karjol, Minister of Minor Irrigation, Kannada and Culture, expressed his delight at the event and said " I am delighted that the Mizo community of North East India has organised the cultural exchange event in which both the states of Karnataka and Mizoram and participating" He welcomed the efforts of the Bangalore Mizo Association and the State Governments of Karnataka and Mizoram to bring back confidence in the people of North East.

Minister of Transport, Art and Culture, Government of Mizoram, Mr PC Zoram Sangliana who represented the Government of Mizoram in the Festival said " I firmly believe that having a cultural troupe from Mizoram jointly perform with those of Karnataka’s and entertain the people of the Garden City will go a long way in bringing social harmony and better understanding among people" He further congratulated the Bangalore Mizo Association and the Government of Karnataka in being successfully concluding this year’s Vangpui Kut.

Other dignitaries present at the festival were DG & IGP Lalrokhuma Pachuau, president of the Bangalore Mizo Festival, Lalrinpuii and leaders of various churches.

The event held at the Baldwin Boys School auditorium had several stalls serving traditional cuisines from both the states which created a truly carnival atmosphere.

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